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Pearson quick results holiday weekend?


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Hi y’all. I took the NCLEX on Friday and was wondering if I should’ve had my quick results by now (Sunday night). I’ve also heard about people being flagged for taking it too fast, which is 100% a possibility because I’m a fast test taker and did 60 questions in around 30 minutes. Should I have had my results by now but instead I'm under investigation for fast testing, or have they started not posting quick results on holidays? Previous boards have said they’ve gotten results on holidays and weekends so IDK what up

Sorry, I’m no help but I am curious now that you asked! Did you get your quick results?

30 minutes!! WOW! Im speechless 😂 but I took mines Saturday so I'm still waiting as well. 48 business hours will be Thursday for me. But good luck as well!! Let us know!

However I did have a friend that was so nervous she took off her bra. It took a week before her results were released. So I imagine they investigated. She did pass. But pertaining to being flagged for quickness I've not heard of that.

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Specializes in LTACH, Orthopedics, Emergency. Has 2 years experience.

I got an email from Indiana BON yesterday saying that I passed! They updated my license literally two minutes after Pearson released my quick results, so I didn’t buy them obviously but I’m surprised it happened so quickly. Not sure how all this works but I’m glad I passed! @smmorgan1 let us know once you find out, I’m sure you did great!

So you tested Friday and your quick results were available on Tuesday? (4 days!! Yuck! 🙂 ) So safe to say they aren’t available on weekends or holidays I guess? Good info for future test takers!

yup everyone

Failed again. Not sure how I'm thinking on this test. I just knew the questions weren't hard enough. I received literally NO Sata.