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Exam Description: NCLEX-PN: The National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses

Status: Eligibility Pending


This "status" has changed from "New" to "eligibility pending". Seems I've been waiting FOREVER for my ATT and wondering if this is the next step by Pearson before I get my ATT email?? I hate being so neurotic and impatient but I feel like I'm just floating in space until I get this test scheduled:confused:


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As far as I remember that is what I got when I knew I would be getting my ATT. Did it say pending due to 'passing nclex exam'? If so, then that is the green light. U will receive ur ATT by email within 24 hrs; by snail mail, don't know.

It just said Status "New", and just changed to what it says now. Why would it say "due to passing nclex"? I'm so stupid when it comes to this paperwork trail! I did sign up to get all my stuff via e-mail so hope to GOD I get it soon. THANK YOU for your response (obviously you told me what I wanted to hear, LOL).

UGH why does it seem like it's taking a decade?? I'm the most impatient person on earth!

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