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Hey all,

Im a nursing student at CCRI and just got my CNA license renewed from many years ago. I recently got a FT job with care new england for home care as a CNA but i need to pick up extra per diem gigs with another agency. I have some interviews coming up and i need advice on what a good pay rate is? i don't want to short change myself. since i am pd the company does not pay medical or anything like my FT job so shouldn't the pay rate reflect that?

i have 5 years home care cna experience from the 1990's and just took a refresher course and got my new license so i'm new but not that new.

i appreciate any help in this matter!



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I would look for more in the $12 or so range, than the $8 range. CNA that I worked with was being paid $12 an hour and I know of another employer that pays their home caregivers $12 an hour. That seems to be the average. But don't know what is like in your area. West coast here.

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I worked for a home health agency and I made approximately $10.50/HR as a new CNA. I went to a hospital and started making $13.39/HR plus differentials. I would say that you should let them offer what they will and if its not at least $10.50 then don't take it but I'd shoot for $11 or 12.

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