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Hi, I am a CNA and am considering becoming a dialysis PCT (a full 18 month certification course is offered at my local college). After watching my mom go through 4 years of dialysis before her death last year, I understand how difficult and draining this can be on both the patient and the care giver. My question is, am I nuts???? I see this as a fulfilling job, but every nurse I mention it to has an opinion somewhat like this: (rolling of eyes) "Oh, I would never do that, it's as sifficult as working the burn unit" or " I have done it and ran as far and as fast as I could" The reasoning seems to be that it becomes depressing to see so many simply go through the hell of dialysis and then die, only a very few leave with transplants. So Am I nuts????


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Well I'd say you don't need the 18-month course from a local college. Once you are hired on with a big dialysis company, there is paid training from start to finish.

Dialysis is a love it or hate it specialty. It takes dedication and lots of tolerance. PCTs are on their feet all day, 12+ hour shifts, running around doing hundreds of things. Much like a CNA, I suspect.


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Hi! You can get trained in 5 months. Which college are you looking into? If you need any information please PM me. I will able to help with the information, as i just finished the dialysis tech program ( which was 5 months) and now preparing for the State exam. Hope this helps. good luck