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Hi my name is Stephanie I'm super excited about my journey to being and RN:heartbeat!!! I have about a year of pre-reqs left before applying for the Nursing program with SPC. I got my CNA license about 3 months ago in hopes that I can work as a PCT with ******* so I can get into the SPC program easier. My problem is I have been applying and applying:eek:... I currently have an office job but I am sooo excited about starting my healthcare career that I am anxious to start! Does anyone know anyone that could speak to, to get into this hospital? What can I do other than apply online and call to follow up?

I have a friend that currently works there I'm using her as a ref but still not having any luck. I need help!:D

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Suggest you go get PCT license as ******* uses PCTs.

Also get good grades then when you complete the pre-reqs for SPC you can apply for Morton Plant's earn as you learn program.

Check out the Florida Nursing forums for more info.

Good advice from itsmejuli. Dont give up pct"s are a big turn over . A vacant position will open up. Good luck.

Thanks guys, I have a friend that got her CNA and they trained her as a PCT.. I had no idea I could get the training on my own! Thanks!

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