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PCr elevated, early Appt with specialist?

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Hi all,

I Need a little help from you guys, about the following patient as well as some education for patient to bring home.

details as following:

52 year old, Chinese, Mid-age, Menopausal, Asian Lady.

with H/O:

  1. IHD
  2. DM
  3. Hypertension
  4. Hyper Lipids

Currently on:

  1. Asprin 100mg OM
  2. Amlodipine Besilate 5mg OM
  3. Atenolol OM
  4. Glipizide 10mg BD
  5. Metformin HCL 850mg TDS
  6. Acarbose 75mg TDS
  7. Omeprazole 20mg OM
  8. Losartan Cozaar 50mg OM
  9. Simvastatin 40mg ON

Recently did a FBC as well as Renal Panel, the only abnormalities is elevated glucose.

however no changes in meds, Urine Combo there is protein 3+ added PCr for the test it was as reading of 6.53.

as informed it is HIGH. and patient was then discharge with early TCU Appt to renal fast track.

my question is, is there anything else i should warn the patient to look out for

or during this period what can take and what can't take? My patient called and asking about the

pt education that she can bring home, and to follow till her early TCU appt which is not yet obtain

due to public holiday.

Your help is greatly needed.

Thank you lots, for contributing! :yeah: :)

with regards,

RN Negative :nurse:

(DEM) :redbeathe

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I feel like this question would be much better directed toward the patient's doctor or other nurses on your unit or members the healthcare team. I don't know this patient, nor what she has already been told, nor her allergies, etc. so I'm certainly not qualified to comment on her care.

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I agree with the PP. I think that if you are worried about this pt, you should page her attending doc. Go down the list of things that you have concerns about and then go from there. Honestly, the MD is the person that should clarify any questions that the pt has if you are yourself uncertain.

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We cannot give medical advice and it is in violation of the terms and agreement of the site. I'd tell the patient they need to consult their MD

Hi, Apparently when i am back from a 3 days off, and back to department,

having answer her phone call, she mention she just need some nurses advises.

as the doctor told her that just need to wait for a specialist to see her which is renal.

I also found out that her attending MD had a turn over since this start of the month,

therefore i couldn't contact her. was thinking of consulting the sr. doctors, but they are busy with

their patients today, therefore i said i would get back to her tomorrow.

was just thinking if an experience or specialist nurse, what would they advise pt

not on medical but just normal discharge pt education advises.

no worries, i am going to consult my Senior doctor tomorrow first thing in the morning.

but was just hoping i could have some nurses advise rather than just tell the patient " just wait for Appt."

but thanks for the effort of helping =)


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