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This show may have been on awhile ago, but I just came across it. It is about how many mentally ill inmates there are in the prison system. Very interesting and very, very sad. I work in an institutuion that is for inmates with mental health, addiction problems. Nurses run the units and correctional officers only come in for transfers out of the institution and out of control behaviour problems.


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I saw the documentary, and thought it was v. good. Many of us in the psych community have been aware for a long time, as states have cut back and cut back on community mental health services, that the prison system is becoming the de facto community mental health system ...

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I work in a central IL ER and believe me, IL is one of the worst places for the mentally ill. It is too sad.


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just started in a correctional facility with an estimated pop of 1150 we have an 11% psych pop. I agree with traumaRus Illinois leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to caring for the mentally ill. I also have a interest in this since my husband is bipolar and we have two Bipolar children. It has been very interesting to say the least. :rotfl: You have to laugh are you will spend your whole day crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I work in a regional jail and we frequently get inmates in who belong in mental health facilities. The law does not serve to protect these people. There are no places for them. Our state hospital will not hold them if they are not a danger to themselves or others, and if they are that will only get them a 60 day evaluation. They end up in jail on some ridiculous charge like harassing phone calls or false report of an emergency because they call 911 for something they perceive as a reality. Or indecent exposure--we have one guy who comes in for this frequently and he honestly does not know any better. He is pitiful. And the police in the area he is from will incite him to fight them and then they charge him for resisting or battery on p.o. Now anyone who has read my posts knows I am an advocate of criminals doing the time for their crimes, but these people are NOT criminals. They are innocent victims of a system that fails to protect them. The criminals are the officials/politicians who do not set up programs to provide for the safety of these victims. :nono:

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