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Our facility is looking at 2 new Medical Information systems: Patient1 by Per se and Sunrise by Eclipsys.

Do any of you use these systems and do you have any pros or cons?

The suits are ACTUALLY ASKING FOR OUR INPUT!!! :eek: We get to spend a few hours checking both systems out, but that's not enough time to explore the differences.

Thanks :) for any and all advice.


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I work in a 508 be hospital which has been computerized for at least 10 years. We are going to Eclipsys this month. I havn't seen it yet but I'm willing to bet it's very cutting edge based on our history.


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Thanks for your response, Connie. The decision of which system to go with will be made in October. Can I pm you in a month or so to see how it's going?

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my sis-in-law, who is a critical care nurse, works for eclipsys, actually writing the computer code/programs that make up the nursing documentation parts of the system. the company really values her advice and expertise, and of course, i know she does an awesome job LOL....they used it in my old hospital, and i didnt hear many complaints about it. none of this is objective opinion of course :) good luck whichever one is chosen!


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I'm not sure how soon we will convert on my unit. I suspect we will be amongst the last converts, critical care-can't afford to mess around there. My guess is that they will iron out all the bugs before bringing it to the "risk for law suit" floors like cc, icu and ob. As soon as I see it I'll let you know what it looks like.


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we will be using Eclipsys, our go-live date got post-pones til after the holidays. How has your work flow changed by using Eclipsys. How is report handled? We currently have a charge read an overview of each patient in report. Since there will be no printouts with Eclipsys how can we handle this. Also do you have permanent computers at each bedside or are they tablets. If they are tablets what security procedures are used for nursing signing in and checking out tablets? Help.

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