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Hello, I was just wondering if anybody has any great ideas on where to find pt. teaching on the web. I have lots of good resources as far as books in my office, but sometimes i run across things that i want to look further for. Like my latest one (today) teaching on hemiparesis. :uhoh3: Im a case managment coordinator so im responsible for digging up pt teaching when the CMs bring their recerts, SOCs and ROCs to me.



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Our company purchased a great education program with at least 300 teaching tools. I can look and see if I can find the address if you want? It is rather torn apart and was before I got there but if you want me to look let me know and I can dig and see if I can find anything out. The tools are great for med surg not so much for behavioral health.


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i've used springhouse patient education loose leaf book for years--see its out of print.

[color=#2f3740]teaching aids for homecare nurses

ring-bound - show all editions

[color=#2f3740]springhouse publishing, 15 january, 1996 [color=#2f3740]springhouse corporation

list price: $44.95

isbn: 0874348315

home health care patient education resource manual

[color=#40576f]print-friendly version of this page

bound book

second edition

author: [color=#40576f]mary curry narayan, msn, rn, cs, ctn

isbn#: 0834220814

published: 9/16/2003

© 2003

published by delmar learning

loose leaf binder

list price: $229.00

client teaching guides for home health care

by [color=#40576f]donna meyers

patient teaching tools and information on the internet

downloadable dental patient education handouts from oral-b

harvard pilgrim health care - patient education handouts

will add more that ive come across.


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I like Merck Manual @ then go to merck manuals and it looks like a big add for the manuals bbut you can click the book and it will give you a box that says this site is searchable, it is basically a brief description or excerpt but it is helpful

Thank you all so much for all of your replies and help. These are all resources i havent seen before so you have definately added to my collection.

Thanks again,


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