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Hello! I am considering a part-time RN position for one of the clinics in Northern VA. Can anyone tell me about their experiences working for Patient First?

Thanks in advance!

Hi! Im also wondering the same thing about Patient first. Have you started working with them? How is it? I applied full time to them and waiting to be interviewed by the nurse manager. I just had an interview with HR.

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Hello! In June, HR interviewed me and I did not hear a peep until a week ago. I was not selected for the applied site, but HR inquired if I would be interested in an interview with a director and nursing manager at a different site. Of course!

As soon as I finished the interview a few days ago, HR called my references and submitted a background check, which I took as a positive sign. I hope to hear from them next week. Fingers crossed for both of us!

I did not get the job offer in the site that I wanted. I applied to other site though. Im waiting for their response. Congratulations to you!

Curious how this ended(or continued). How is the Patient First Job?

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Not bad. It's my first position as a new nurse. I went through 90 hrs of hands-on training with a nurse buddy before I was on my own as a floor nurse and charge nurse. If you open or close a shift, you are the charge nurse and honestly, it is an uncomfortable position to be put in as a newbie, but I do the best I can with my limited experience.

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