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    Just thought I would ask if anyone has had a phone interview for a nursing assistant position. I have a phone interview at a local NJ hospital coming up and was wondering if anyone recalls or has any info. as to what is asked. Many thanks!
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  3. by   MissyMango
    I had a phone interview a few months ago for a nursing home. I applied online an thought it was for a hospital :uhoh21:. It was a good, comfortable interview. I had all my paperwork nearby...(resume, behavorial questions, references...etc). She mainly asked me my work history and if I had a current cpr card, and if I was still interested. I said yes at first. Then I found out it was a nursing home, an hour away from me. Then I called her the next day, to cancel it. Now I work at a hospital nearby . Good luck with the interview.
  4. by   Alf2
    I did a phone interview for a home health company.
    It went horribly but I guess they decided to take a chance on me.
  5. by   Billy11
    Thank you both for you reponses! I got the job and am currently going thru pre-employment testing! Woop Woop!
  6. by   Alf2
    Quote from Billy11
    Thank you both for you reponses! I got the job and am currently going thru pre-employment testing! Woop Woop!
    YAY! What kind of things did she ask?
    Were you in your PJ's?
  7. by   shay&lynn

    I posted this awhile back. Hope it helps!
  8. by   Billy11
    I have to say I really wasn't interviewed interviewed as one is usually accustomed to. The HR recruiter initially called me for the phone interview and asked me some behavioral questions and just confirmed some details regarding my availability. I then went in for the actual meeting and meet up with the recruiter then met with the nurse manager on the floor I would be working on, it was more a description of what the job/responsibilities consist of and what types of hours would be needed. It wasn't your typical interview so I was surprised but of course prepared for anything at that point. She and I then wrapped up our conversation, I then proceeded to ask her when I should follow up regarding the position and she said that she wasn’t sure but to follow up with the recruiter in one week. I then emailed the recruiter to thank him that afternoon and received a phone call shortly after with the decision. It happened very quickly for me. Regarding what I wore, I just wore black dress pants, a button up blouse and nice flats, very preppy. So I finished with my pre-employment testing and have orientation coming up in which I’m assuming I’ll receive my schedule at that point. I will be working per diem every other weekend. I'm excited but very nervous all at the same time.
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