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  1. Hello everyone! Just got offered a job as a PCT in Oncology/Telemetry Unit!! No experience and I have been told I will be in charge of 18 patients. I am so ready for this! All my experience has been in fast paced restaurants as a server! I used that to my advantage when I was interviewed about customer service. Anyways, I digress. I am applying to a BSN program right about now (within the next month; deadline February 1st). I told the hiring nurse manager that interviewed me that I was willing to take 7/hr for pay because it was the experience I was after and I was being 100% honest. My question is - any advice? What should I look out for in the Oncology Unit? Anything in particular that I need to know? Thank you for your advice, I appreciate it.
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  3. by   ChristineN
    I hope they are paying you more than $7/hr. When I was a PCT 6-7 years ago I started at $9.50/hr, and believe me, I worked hard for that paycheck. Have you asked them what all your responsibilities will be? Some hospitals I have worked at allow PCT's to draw blood and place PIV's, while others do not. Did you have the opportunity to shadow a PCT that works on that floor? If you have not, I would ask the manager for an opportunity to shadow, since you say you have never had a job like this before, and it could be a good opportunity for you to know what to expect.
  4. by   pnkgirl25
    Where are you located? In CA PCT start at about $13. You dont want to low ball yourself like that. If they had asked me what I was looking for pay wise I would have just said. "Since I have a background in customer care which I believe is valuable but no experience as a PCT I am willing to accept an entry level pay rate for the position. I do however plan to hit the ground running after being trained and would appreciate a review for a salary increase in 90 days."
  5. by   funtimes
    7 dollars an hour....for 18 patients? This isnt a restaurant, CNAs dont get tips. Do you have any CNA training? I suppose if they are training you from scratch it might ALMOST be understandable, at least for a time.

    As for what you should know. Well, if you have no experience or training, I guess EVERYTHING.

    Ive never worked in a big hospital that has specialized units like oncology or telemetry. Just a small one that has 2 flavors. Med/surg, and ICU, both of which include patients on telemetry and the occasional cancer patient. From my experience those two types of patients can vary greatly in their acuity. From the tele patient who is just there for observation because they had some chest pain, to a cancer patient who has an NG tube, IVs running, a foley, is on a turn schedule, and is q2 vitals.

    18 patients is a lot on any unit, to the point Id almost wonder how much youd be able to learn because youll be so busy answering call lights and doing things like toileting people and ADLs. If nothing else youll be a pro at doing those.
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  6. by   duskyjewel
    Uh, yeah, this is illegal. Federal minimum wage as of 2009 is $7.25. Who the hell is this employer?!
  7. by   JRNY13
    No sorry I forgot to check my posting. No haha I am not getting paid 7/hr sorry I was making a joke to the hiring nurse manager to show that I valued the experience not the money. My apologies for any misunderstanding... I did NOT get hired below minimum wage. *chuckles*