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Okay: Hi everyone :redbeathe Now that I have taken, and passed my NA State Board exam, I'm ready to move on to the next phase - which is taking a PCT course - Patient Care Technician. ... Read More

  1. by   Herbalist

    if u can afford the $140, i would take the exam. it couldn't hurt and would look good on your resume.

    to: phoenixtech

    that's exactly what i have been trying to do, get my foot in the door. my problem is i have a hugh gap in my resume ( 11 years ) i had the luxury of being a stay at home mom after i started having kids. my ex. made a good living. i'm now a single parent and starting all over (i'm 41). i worked in film/production before i started my family. i've applied at all the hospitals in my area, food service, building service/housekeeping, no luck. so i decided to go back to school and get my pct, no luck there either. i'm just going to get my cna and see if that will help open some doors.
  2. by   PhoenixTech

    My blessings to you. I know how difficult it can be. I had a 3 year employment gap due to some issues and I entered my CCMA, CPT, CET and CLMA course through the state's TANF/welfare program. I hold a A.A.S in Chemical Technology but due to some poor choices on my behalf, I lost my Lab Tech job, was unable to find a new one and spent some time on welfare. As part of welfare reform in my state I was offered training in a new field and I immediately took it. :wink2:

    As part of this course we did our clinicals in hospitals, clinics, adult daycares etc. I requested a hospital site and believe me, it didn't start off as gravy. Although I did phlebotomy, my main duties in this particular department was filing lab work. I spent most of my time standing in a small file room pulling charts for the next days clinics and putting up charts from the previous days clinic. That is after I filed the labs and any other paperwork there was.

    There were days that I felt useless but I was the best worker they had or has had since. Despite the menial tasks I was performing I did it with all the professionalism and pride I had, the same as when I had my Lab position because that's just who I am. Anyway that externship turned into a per diem position. I then received more responsibilities in different departments and before it was all said and done with, I ended up being offered two full time positons in addition to interviewing for the Tech course!

    Because I knew I wanted to be a RN, I took the Tech course. It turned out to be part-time but it still works because when I resume classes, I'll be more readily able to switch my schedule around and until then I work extra days.

    I say all this to give you hope. To let you know that if I could do it, you definately can although I truly understand how stressful it can be. Believe me, in the beggining, I prayed every hour, let alone day! I shed some tears and became frustrated many times during any givin day, but I ultimately knew that it'd work out. It will for you too! :icon_hug:

    Do you have a choice as to where to do your clinical in your CNA course or is it just limited to LTC. Try to get in a hospital through your clinicals and make an awesome impression.

    Best wishes to you!
  3. by   Herbalist

    thank you!
    i really needed a shot of inspiration. i must admit, i was getting little discouraged.
    it's been 3 years & i'm still trying to figure it out. (lol)
    as for your question, no, i don't have a choice with my clinicals.
    thanks again, your post was awesome!:icon_hug:
  4. by   PhoenixTech
    Just one more suggestion Herbalist.....

    Are there any Certified Clinical Medical Assisting programs in your area? Maybe you can find one that can offer you Phlebotomy, EKG and Medical Lab Assistant like the one I went to. That way, you'll have a better chance @ doing your clinicals in a hospital and since PCT already has Phlebotomy and EKG, it'll be close enough to qualify for the PCT position @ the hospitals.

    In my hospital, they preferred CNA's but accepted Medical Assistants which is how I got in. The bedside care was covered in my orientation to the floor. I'm not saying that having a CNA is irrelevent, it'll depend on your hospital, but my hospital took NA's straight from school before they took the state exams and trained them there. Another option is Unit Clerk positions. They do the clerical work for the floors such as putting in lab work, charting, ordering supplies...etc. On my floor there's a RN who was a unit clerk on the same floor she works on now. She worked part time and got her BSN. How bout that?!

    Keep mulling it over and pray, or meditate if you're not spiritual . It'll come. My daughter keeps climbing in my lap so I gotta go but sleep well Herbalist. :kiss
  5. by   Patient_Care_Asst
    Quote from ohiocleveland
    I agree here in Ohio every PCT is trained at the hospital, you just have to have 6 months of experience working as an STNA the apply in the hospital will train you according to the unit you will be working on for free

    It's free, but your hospital training doesn't equate to any accumulation in terms of college credit hours nor does it have any GPA associated with it either.

    Most colleges don't recognize on the job "experience" because they only care about what an actual transcript tells them.

    For example in my case, it was odd that I was doing a specific skill for 5 years, and later it was required to become certified to do that same skill. I raised a fuss and no credit was given for any such experience acquired.

    So basically, it seemed like a complete waste of time for me to complete the "certification" which is intended to train me about what I already knew backward for the past 5 years because I was already doing it everyday anyways. In fact, I have no doubt I could have instructed the entire class on the subject.

    So once again, if it doesn't have a transcript attached to the training, skill or experience, it doesn't really matter.

    It's important to document your education if the intention involves any future career advancement or you will be in that situation.

    Free training and education might be helpful in terms of doing the job function, but it doesn't do much of anything else.

    This is just a tip, but try to get a nurse preceptor, a nurse practitioner or even a medical practitioner to actually write a letter documenting your level of competency involving any set of specific skills you have acquired. This might come in handy at a later time not for college credit, but rather in terms of possible course exemptions.
  6. by   Lin19687
    Since this was such an OLD thread, i was wondering if you guys got jobs.

    How did it work out for schooling

    Did you get a job at a Hospital
  7. by   Ms.Alicia
    where did u got to do your classes in chicago?
  8. by   Want2BAnurseBadly
    @serendipity, pct i know i'm latebut i did the same thing as you. took cna,phleb, then ekg. now i have to take my national w nha and was wondering how hard was it? should i get there study guide? and how long did it take you to get a job? was it all worth it? i also did my c-net exam in which i'm still waiting on the results. my goal is to become a nurse. i live in nyc. any info will be helpful. thanks
  9. by   mymy1219
    Quote from want2banursebadly
    @serendipity, pct i know i'm latebut i did the same thing as you. took cna,phleb, then ekg. now i have to take my national w nha and was wondering how hard was it? should i get there study guide? and how long did it take you to get a job? was it all worth it? i also did my c-net exam in which i'm still waiting on the results. my goal is to become a nurse. i live in nyc. any info will be helpful. thanks
    hey do you work as a pct and how is your experience

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