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  1. This summer is going horribly for me . I need to work. Since school has ended I regret quitting my 3 to 1130 job as a nursing assistant. I quit for school now I want to work and I need money for tuition and gas for next semester. I need Jesus to help me. I drove all my gas out and filled out 46 different applications this week. I've had interviews and job offers but they don't want to work with my school schedule. I filled out for store associate at a retail store and the lady tried to talk me into quitting school and being a manager. The others wanted to give me crazy hours although the shifts said evenings and weekends. I need a miracle. I welcome any tips and words of encouragement.
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  3. by   Chanise09
    Home health agencies are often excellent about working with your schedule,the hours are very flexible good luck!
  4. by   HealthyFuture
    Well I went for my interview today and it went well I think. I ended up being interviewed by the Director of Nursing for the entire hospital and the med surg nurse manager. I was so relaxed and comfortable. They welcomed me. They told me that they understood my school and work conflicts. The director told me that if she hired me I would know by monday. She said that if I got hired she would float me back and fourth between the med surg floor and post partum. At my old job as a nursing assistant I worked post and antepartum so this would make me happy to do both. She told me that during the summer she was going to work me many hours and give me good eyes and hands on experience LOL but when school starts back she would only put me on schedule for every weekend or every other weekend if its too much. She said if I needed more days she would allow me to work 3-7pm some weekdays so that I would still have time to go home and read and study. She told me that school would come first there and if I worked there the whole time I was in school she'd want me as a nurse when I got out of school. I am just speechless. This must be an answer from God. This has got to be a sign. I had 3 interviews today but after I went to this one, I cancelled my other two because if this one is not the one then I accept that God just doesn't want me working right now. I know that I would never be happy at the other jobs. I hope I get hired. Waiting for Monday to hear back she said she'd call me with a yes or no Monday. I believe that I am going to get this one. I pray that God lets me have it. He didn't bring me this far to leave me now.
  5. by   Double-Helix
    Good luck.

    I know it's too late now, but in the future- don't EVER cancel an interview unless you've already accepted another offer. You never know what great things they might offer you. Even if you don't plan on accepting the job, the interview practice alone can be very valuable. Finally, you don't want to burn bridges with anyone. If I were a hiring manager, and someone cancelled an interview for no reason, I would not be giving them another interview if they applied for another position.
  6. by   HealthyFuture
    You are absolutely right. I just felt uneasy about wasting someone else's time to interview someone else because I knew those were jobs I would be unhappy with.The jobs I applied for I could have been very content with. But it was one of those situations where I applied for one position but when I got there they asked me about doing something totally different from what I applied for. I did go to the interview sites and cancel my interviews and thank them for giving me a chance. I know that I want to be in a hospital or nursing home doing something that will help me learn more for school. My school strongly discourages us from working but I miss my old job as a nursing assistant and I need some extra money to pay for things. So if i don't get this job, and no one else calls me out of the 70 something applications I put in during the last 3 weeks, then I will take that as a sign from God that I am not supposed to be working. At this point I have been to over 10 interviews in the last 3 weeks. I was offered all but 2 jobs, but the jobs would not honor my school. Most tried to encourage me to quit school and work full time with them or just give me the craziest hours I have ever seen (mornings, evening, and over nights) I do know one thing, the next job that I do get, if I do get one, I will not be quitting for school. So I want to make sure that whomever I interview can give me their word that they would be willing to work with my school. Cause I surely don't want to be sneaking out of class everyday for a job anymore. I need someone that can give me a schedule that I can be successful with. I pray that I can get this patient care assistant job because it's seems like God has put it in front of me. But if i don't, then I know that it's just not in his plans for me.
  7. by   heatherjhenry
    I hope you get it too. Remember, HE has a great plan for you and all things work together for good. So, trust in HIM and accept whatever decision HE gives. But, i really hope you get it because that sounds like an awesome opportunity.
  8. by   HealthyFuture
    Thank you. I hope that I get it as well. This is a wonderful opportunity. And it sounds meant.
  9. by   vintagemother
    Sounds like you have it worked out and have found an employer who'll respect school. The tips I was going to offer: dont expect employers to work around school. Most are concerned with business needs and not your personal needs.2: have u considered nocs as a CNA? This is what ive done for the last 6 months. I took day classes and somehow managed to take care of 3 kids as a single mom and student. I worked part time, tho. 3: try working for staffing agencies. This way u can pick your days and shifts. This is what I did, worked in a hospital on nocs thru an agency. That being said a per diem thru the hospital would be more money, but those positions are harder to get. Furthermore,if Iam able to get offered a job at the hospital regular, I'd take it no matter what the hours and continue taking my prereqs. I imagine that once I'm in nursing school, I'll have to work on call or per diem unless some employer decides to work around my fluctuating clinical schedule, which is unlikely.
  10. by   HealthyFuture
    What does nocs mean? Is that another word for PRN or per diem? I understand that most employers are there just to fill their clock up and doesn't care about school. And that was my whole problem. Employers were looking over my school schedule that i provided on the application or encouraging me to drop out. That is why I have been strict on my interviews about asking questions about school, because I don't want to be in the situation with someone who has never been were I am headed. Of course, they wouldn't understand the long nights of studying, the fluctuating hours of class, the stressful days of clinical, and the 18 page care plan and nursing process tool that i have to fill out on clinical days, and the papers. But a nurse manager would understand, well... one with some authority. I worked as a nursing assistant before in a hospital here and I loved it but I started that job before I started school and we already had so many people going to school that she was unable to get HR to really change my schedule. I was working 7a to 7p and sometimes 7-3 and others times 3-11. When I was taking my pre reqs i took them online so it wasn't a problem. But with the same schedule I was having to sneak out of class everyday. So I ended up having to quit that and though it was a weight off my shoulders and my grades improved, I felt an overwhelming regret about quitting. An agency like that would be fantastic but in this part of Mississippi I wonder would I find one? Do you know any names of agencies to look up or how do I find agencies that does that? Still, if you have any information on the agency I would like to know because my classmates are struggling to find a job too. I would imagine though that agencies like this would probably be home health or in a nursing home. Because our hospitals hire for PRN here but it's SOOOO hard to get the position or even be called because usually someone's cousin or uncle gets the job. It is hard to get into hospitals or nursing homes here if you don't know someone. And I don't know anyone. So I am praying and believing that the PCA position will come through.
  11. by   k_girl153
    Nocs = nights
  12. by   duskyjewel
    So did you get the job?
  13. by   JNBartley
    Whatever you do, do not get a management position because it is lots of hours, nights and weekends and it definitely would not be better than you becoming an RN! I used to be in retail management and left to be a nurse!

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