Crazy to leave this job?

  1. I got a job as a patient care tech in my home town. Originally, I only wanted to work during the summer because I go to school in a city 1.5 hours away and will be moving to an apartment there. I am paid 14.50/hour and it's a very hectic med surg unit. I just want to know if I'm crazy to leave this job after 3 months, even though I'm concerned about making the commute work with school and living over an hour away.
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  3. by   FutureNurse518
    Hello snickers17!

    I am in a similar place right now actually. I have been working as a PCT on a busy ortho/neuro unit 20 minutes from my home but I start nursing school in September that is in downtown Chicago. I live in the far west suburbs. It would be much easier for me to quit my job but I LOVE it. The floor is a second family and the experience is amazing. I have completed a 90 day review, attended all unit meetings and have gotten rave reviews from coworkers and patients. Therefore, when I apporached my manager about having to change how many hours I worked because of school, she is going to try and work with me so that they don't lose me (her words!)

    My point is, you have to evaluate if you LOVE this job. If you really like the unit and your current situation then you need to assess if your manager can pull some strings to make your schedule work for you. Three months is not a long time so going forward it might look bad on a resume to leave a position in that short of a time. But you can always get another Tech job closer to school! Either way, start having the conversation with your manager as soon as possible. That way even if you have to leave they can give an excellent reference to the next one! Hope this helps!
  4. by   Lipoma
    I left a job after 5 months because I was offered a better opportunity, better pay, and a better scope elsewhere.

    Don't forget that if an employer wants to terminate you, they wouldn't think twice about giving you the boot.