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  1. I will be starting PCT Clinical's in a few days at a local hospital so I wanted to ask those who have worked as a PCT what would you find to be the most helpful from a student pct that avoids slowing down your pace. I want to go in as a team player and want to make their day easier not harder since I'm sure some students might slow down your way of getting things done in timely manner.
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  3. by   trinilady
    It would be helpful if you realize before going in that most of the techniques you learn in class is going to be different in clinical. Most PCT/CNA do not have the luxury of time to do things the way it is taught in class. Their main goal is getting the job done with patient safety in mind. Secondly, from my experience and others in the class, the PCT/CNA are focus on making their rounds, some actually do not like having a student with them. Do not take anything personally and OFFER to help them where appropriate (some would not asked you to do anything and you just stand there being bored. I had a classmate who was so upset because the PCT at the clinical was ignoring him that he left for the day.).
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    Thank you trinilady so much for the advice. Everything you said is exactly what I observed while doing CNA Clinical's last Semester at a LTC facility. We also had several of our student CNA's complain that their assigned CNA just left them standing there or left the area without telling student , which had several students searching for their assigned CNA. I currently work home health care for quite awhile so I realize how extremely busy it must get, in home health you are doing only one bed bath etc, while those working in facilities have many patients to give a bath, etc so they must keep moving in a timely manner.
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  5. by   btrflieye
    Wear comfortable shoes! Your feet will be killing you after a few hours. Make yourself available to help your PCT preceptor - and if you happen to find yourself with some down time, offer your assistance to the other PCTs on the floor.
  6. by   cdsavannah59
    Thank you Kimmykat72. Great advice that I will definitely use.