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Patient Care Plan Book

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my med/surg teacher wants us to buy a care plan book to use for setting up our pt care plans and to use for charting. does anyone know of a good one? i also have a dell pocket pc so if anyone knows of a good one that i can down load that would be better. (fewer books makes for a happier back!!)


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i think that the very best one that is going to be the most help for you, as a student, in developing nursing diagnoses and nursing interventions to go with them is nursing diagnosis handbook: a guide to planning care currently in it's seventh edition and published in july of 2005, so is very current, by betty j. ackley and gail b. ladwig. it runs about $39. the author, doenges, has one that is similar as well. if you chose doenges, check very carefully because she has a number of careplan books in publication and they are all structured differently. some are by medical diagnosis and others by nursing diagnosis--there is a difference!

here are some recent threads on advice for nursing care plan books that you might also want to read through:





Ditto on the Ackley book, it's good.

I just purchased Sparks and Taylor's Nursing Diagnosis Refernece Manual (sixth edition) and I like it very much.

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