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Pathophysiology Spring 2012



just thought it would be cool to have a place where we can ask questions and vent if we are frustrated about patho. i am taking mine online and we have 1 in-person meeting next week.

anyone else taking it this spring? :redpinkhe


Ooo, your taking Patho online, that sounds brave. Mine is a bit of a hybrid even though I didn't sign up for a hybrid, that is just how my professor runs his classes. We will submit homework, quizzes and exams online. He likes to reserve "in" class time strictly for lectures. My class starts on Tuesday, so I will keep you posted.

Side note: I noticed in another thread you mentioned you are taking Intro to Statistics, I am taking that also. I am a bit nervous because my DH keeps calling it Sadistics :eek: and he has a financial degree. Maybe he is just being a pill and trying to freak me out. I am usually pretty good at math, so........ we will see.

thanks, i've taken a few science courses online so i'm more confident that i can handle it, if you asked me last year i wouldn't be so sure.

yeah, i am taking college mathematics and intro to statistics "in person" because i am weaker in math and i don't want to risk having to teach myself it all. i purchased these from amazon in case i need extra help with stats or patho. these books got amazing reviews and i always buy supplemental books because i can't stand reading the textbook all the time, i like to switch it up. check em out, i'll let you know how they are helping along the way.

[color=#004b91]fluids and electrolytes made incredibly easy! (incredibly easy! series)

[color=#004b91]the complete idiot's guide to statistics, 2nd edition

I'm also taking Patho online this semester. I'm a little nervous only because I don't know what to expect from the class.. but have done many online classes before so hopefully it won't be too difficult!

I took Statistics last semester and was scared to death.. but all in vain. I ended up really enjoying the class (and getting an A). All it really is is a bunch of formulas you learn to plug numbers in. There's fancy names and symbols for things which makes it a little intimidating at first... until you realize that's really all there is to it. So don't sweat it.. and I kept all my notes and am willing to help if anyone needs it. :)

I'm taking Patho online as well. I haven't taken an actual classroom course in almost 3 years (I lived REALLY far away from the school I was going to). So hopefully all the experience I have dealing with online classes and scheduling out time will come in handy because I have no real idea whats coming at me. I've been trying to find my teachers syllabus or something from earlier semesters but that hasn't worked out at all. Class starts Tuesday. I should probably buy my book now that I'm thinking about it.


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Im taking patho too..itll start the 17th. I was told its an easy class with a lot of reading. A friend of mine took it and she made an A, she told me to keep up with the reading and I should be able to do just fine.

Yeah it seems like a lot of reading but I'm not too worried about it, Micro is the one thats giving me problems :confused:

Oh, micro and both A&P's were a prerequisite at my college. Had my first lecture today. Doesn't seem too bad with the information that was introduced today, some vocab (not complex; easier than A&P) but rather interesting. I will keep you posted on how things progress. My first quiz is on the 23rd which will be here before I know it. My professor is great, he records his lectures and uploads them so the class to download from blackboard!