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Mr. Jones visits his primary care physician with a 2-inch cut on the anterior aspect of his right hand. Mr. Jones lacerated his hand while fixing a barbwire fence 5 days ago. He told his wife that he did not have time to go to the doctor for such a small cut. The physician instructed his nurse to clean the wound, apply a clean dressing, and call in a prescription for 10 days of antibiotics. Why didn't the physician stitch the wound to minimize scarring and allow the wound to heal by primary intention? How will Mr. Jones' wound have to heal?

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Again, we are happy to help with homework but we need your input first so we know how best to help you.


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There are 2 ways a wound can heal...look that up and you will see the answer.

Why would you want to leave a wound open? What could happen if a wound was sealed shut before timely treatment?

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Sorry-- this is easy for you to look up in your textbook. If when you do so something confuses you, tell us what you learned and then come ask us for clarification, and we are more than happy to help.

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