Past drug addiction but want to become a ARNP?

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Hello everyone, Sorry for having to ask this question but this board seemed so appropriate for it. Ok I admitted to having a prescription drug problem a month ago (vicodin 5/500) Anyway my doctor had me sign a "contract" saying no more narcotics no one said anything more about it. Now I live in iowa at the current moment but would like to become a CNA and work my way to getting my BSN and becoming a Nurse Practitioner in Kansas Im worried that my past will come back to haunt me or stop me from accomplishing my dreams.

I was legally prescribed my pain meds and have since been clean and intend on staying clean, Im just worried big brother DEA or the Kansas board of nursing will say no because of my past problem. I do not have a criminal record of any kind aside from traffic tickets. If anyone has any knowledge it would put my mind to rest. Thank You

we arent allowed to answer legal questions, though i am not sure that yours quite rises to that level.....did you doc say he was reporting you to anyone? if not, it would appear that this is part of your med rec. and not a legal thought would be to ask the doc.....good luck,

Well said Morte

Never let fear of what might happen prevent you pursuing your goals.

The disease of addiction has touched most peoples lives in one form or another

It has been my experience that if it is an issue, honesty and openess are the best policies.



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Don't let anything hold you back. And your medical history is private information. Best of luck to you. Have you checked the Nurses and recovery forum ?

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