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Speaking of this topic our sedation IV medications are drawn up marked with pre-printed labels. The used vial is then left next to the syringe. If someone breaks you from a case, say for lunch, and the MD wants a further IV dose of medication then the next nurse is expected to use the already drawn up medication. Thoughts?

This is a hospital accepted/joint commission approved procedure. The joint commission actually suggested the pre -printed labels rather than hand written. I am not sure if this makes a difference but this is a cath lab with all medication orders given verbally. In many ways it is a ER like situation due to the rapid need of the medications. Thanks for your opinions.

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I would never give meds I didn't pull out unless they're intact in their original blister pack (or however they're packaged) so that I can read the med and the dose on it. I would just go and pull my own meds (if you can). If not, quit because one whistleblower can cost everyone there their liscenses.

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NEVER! never, never!


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:uhoh21: Why would you sign for a med administration that you did not pour or draw up yourself? Your license is on the line here - I would look for work elsewhere

Good luck


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This reminds me of something I did..Well I work at home health and the family told me to train a new nurse on G tube medication administration..There were like three medications I had to give..I took it out and poured in in a cup with water..Then the new nurse came in and I told her that the family wanted me to show you how and I asked her do you want to pour it in through the G tube...She refused saying telling me how unsafe it is..

Well I did not train her that day and said fine so I told the family that I did not train her because she did not trust me..

Overall, it was a negative experience for me..

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this was happening at a correctional facility near here, according to a friend (nurse) who worked there. i made an anonymous call for her, without naming her, to the don. she put an immediate stop to this illegal practice.

what can all of your peers possibly be thinking?

do not quit unless you do not like the job enough to stay. but do not tolerate this mess one single second more. get a friend or relative to call from a number that absolutely can't be traced back to you and have that person make that call. the don will freak and take immediate action to stop this is my guess. i hope you have not made too big an issue of this already because they'll know it's you if you have. you can deny it, i guess.

the other way is to just be courageous enough to go to the boss and tell her what's happening. i guarantee you she does not know because she would make it stop if she did. who knows, maybe you will become a supervisor for being brave.

if you get fired, you might have legal recourse because you were a whistleblower. talk to a legal expert before acting.

good luck.

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I work at a prison and a county jail. We all pull our own meds and pass them ourselves. I would never pass meds that someone else pulled. That is just dangerous. Also, some meds require a BP check or pulse check prior to administering... what do you all do about those meds?

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