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Yay! I can't believe I passed Transition to the Registered Professional Nurse Role...(or whatever it's called) with a B!!!! I can't wait to get these exams over with!!!!! Is it possible to get the rest of the nursing exams done by the end of the summer?

I also wanted to know, when you're done with the nursing exams....are you then CPNE eligible? If you have to take a humanities or inf lit can you take them while you're waiting for a CPNE date?

Any recommendations for CPNE workshop, notes, study guides...any thing at all? I still have all of my clinical practice stuff from school but some of it might need to be updated since it had been played with over and over.

Thx guys.....couldn't do it without all of the inspiring stories on here!!!!


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Congratulations on getting another test done. Once you have finished the nursing tests, you are CPNE eligible as long as you are down to your final 10 credits otherwise. Lots of people finish up other courses while they wait for the CPNE. I highly recommend west coast Tina's workshop, Worth every penny.

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Congrats on the pass! Traci


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Hey! I am taking this one next.....any suggestions?


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Awesome girl :) Good luck on your next exam.


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Thank you so much cali, toby, and Raggedy. I really couldn't have done it without reading encouraging posts on here from so many people that are working or have worked so hard to get through this program. I also use studygroup101 and their notes are awesome as well EC's practice exams.

I'm still just as nervous as I was before the first exam. Oh well....I'm using my nervousness as a motivational tool! ;)

On to repro. yay....I hope I can make an A!

Good luck everyone.

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