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I feel l should share my experience as I had read alot of your stories about passing. I graduated from a ADN program in May and had signed up for the NCLEX in June, I will admit I did not take my studying as serious, being fresh out of school. I did purchase Uworld and did about 400-500 questions my assessment exams predicted high chance of passing. The testing center is 2 hours from home my husband took the day off and we made a family trip out of it. The morning came I was up and ready but with no time to stop for breakfast or coffee,already ruining my day. I take the test and it was never ending 255 questions! After 180 I was honestly so upset and wanted to be done I was just picking answers at that time hoping the computer would shut off. I felt extremely horrible I knew I failed instantly, did the PVT trick and got the bad pop up, got the quick results 2 days later and YES I failed. I was bummed but I did my best not to let it bring me down. I took a break from studying and thinking about it. Soon as my 45 day wait was up I reapplied first week of August and scheduled it for Sept 5. I finished all of Uworld test bank and took notes on wrong answers and did my best to understand rationales. Each of my uworld exams I would score about 45-55% on them I was 42% over all, making me questions if I was ready or not. I did purchase the $20 predictor test from nclex mastery and scored 86%. But for studing all I did was the uworld I questioned if it was enough for studying. I made the trip again this time by myself I woke up early for breakfast and coffee and I knew I had to stay in control no matter how many questions I ended up answering I was in control and I would take breaks as often as I needed. I also prayed with close family the night before and myself that morning. It did not shut off at 75 or 100 or 150 or 200 but finally 237 it shut off ending with a SATA question. I really didn't know what to think, I did the PVT trick and it was the good pop up it was hard to believe but the next day the BON updated their website and I had an ACTIVE license!!! Yes, I did indeed pass at 236 questions. So happy it's over. I enjoy this website because I never felt alone! We are not alone, it might be harder for us but we are not alone and you will pass!! Good luck and don't give up!

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Thank you for sharing your story. I am so happy for you, congratulations! Wear that RN behind your name with pride, you worked hard for where you are at. Now your journey truly begins. Take care :)

First I want to say CONGRATULATIONS. and secondly, wow are you me right now lol this sounds like my exact experience! I did NCLEX Mastery and UWorld and my averages ranged from 45-66% and took both predictor tests from nclex mastery and both said i had a high chance of passing. I had 249 questions and after 150q I was getting annoyed too like why wont this test turn off. And it took 3 days for my results to post on my Breeze account, it still hasnt even updated on PearsonVue.

But wooh, the hard part is over. CONGRATS again

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