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Hey guys,

i just wanted to share my story of my journey with the nclex.

so firstly I graduated in April 2016.

I decided to take my first attempt on July 28th 2016. I was super nervous, worrried and anxious. I was all over the place that I actually fainted the day before I wrote... silly I know. I ended up failing at 75 questions. At this point in time. I'm telling myself that i must be really dumb to fail at 75. It was terrible. I didn't wanna sleep or eat. My best friends all passed as well.

So i I picked myself up and decided to write for the second time. I wrote on November 8... I studied extremely hard for this one. I went up to 265 and failed. there really are no worries questions for how upset someone feels when they see that they failed and see that aCandiate report. 'My report said I was near passing in all areas. So, at this point I'm really thinking that I'm dumb... I don't wanna do nursing. My best friends are way past me... and I now I have to write again!

So... I again picked myself up and decided to write on march 7. This time I really studied hard... consecutive days... looked at rationales... did over 5000 hours questions. The day before I wrote ... I tried hard to sleep but I was crazy anxious. I wrote... 265 questions again... I'm like oh man I definitely failed.... after the exam... I could not keep it together... this morning march 8th... I got my letter that said I passed.. I cried for one hour

my message to you guys is... please keep going, keep pushing and work very hard. It will pay off. Don't ever compare yourself to anyone ... focus on you, your life and where you are at. My good luckssss go out to all of you.

if you guys wanna know what I used, just ask me :) good luck everyone! I hope this helps some of you that feel like giving up. Don't :)!!



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I failed December 22 last year,I cried a lot in Christmas holiday.The report letter says every contents area near passing standard.

How to study ?What materials you use?

Thank you


Trinh, BsN, RN

Trinh, BsN, RN

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Hi Maria128,

i spent a solid month studying pathophysiology to ensure that I had a strong bases. I also watch videos on YouTube... YouTube has a lot of videos about disease (Cushing, addisons, hyper/hypo thyroidism)

i used sanders for patho.

I used uworld lots. I read every single rationale right or wrong. They are very good at getting to the main points. I also wrote out the rationales.

I also used kaplan q bank and did all the questions. I found their rationales ok... not great

My friend passed their exam before me so I used their in person kaplan plan for 400 bucks... to watch videos on test strategies.. those are helpful too.

Im so sorry that you failed. It's terrible feeling. Keep pushing through and work very hard and the pass will be in your grasp. Also, calm and relaxed... I think that played an extremely huge part in me passing