passed at 265 (notes from the field)


Thank God it's all over. Just an advice to those who is about to take it, still waiting for results or did not pass - NEVER STOP BELIEVING IN YOURSELF! YOU CAN DO IT! and always be ready to answer 265 questions

A few notes from the field....The first 75 weren't that bad. They even seemed kinda easy and I was sure that would be it...thought too soon...76...then 80...100...150 and so on till I hit 265. I though that would never end and felt like screaming: 'Please let me outta here'. I was almost sure that I have failed as the questions were getting harder and harder. A lot of multiple selection ?'s and prioritization and delegation. only one math question. It was all over in about 5 hours. I've been working in the hospital for 10 years...worked as EMT, and in ER and OR and no matter what some people say, this test IS NOT easy. However, it CAN be done. I did it and you can too. So far every one from my class passes. I think if you're US grad and were at least a 'B' student, your odds are pretty good. Good luck to all!


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Thank you ALL!!!. I think one of the best things to do while awaiting NCLEX results is hang out here for a while. It is this forum that kept my sanity.


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I agree, hearing people tell their stories makes me know Im not alone in my waiting game.

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Congratulations! Welcome to the 'passed with 265' club. ;)


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i would love to join the 'passed with 265' club:)

to the rest of you who are waiting for your results... hang in there... relax... pray for God's perfect plan for you life:)


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