Passed the NCLEX- Would Like to Pass it On.


"You will be what you will to be;

Let failure find its false content

In that poor word, 'environment,'

But spirit scorns it, and is free..."

-Part of a poem in a book by James Allen


Graduated in May 16, 2014 and took the NCLEX on October 24, 2014

Tip: Any issues with the application, email is probably the best choice, and calling... may help.

Study by mindset:

*Whenever my focus was on solely "NCLEX or passing" and all the things surrounding "NCLEX or passing" I knew I had to take a step back and remember the reasons for going through this whole process in the first place, whatever those reasons are to you, and return or move toward that deep internal positive, motivation or state.

*Was going to take two community college courses prior to NCLEX, but dropped them to focus onstudying for the NCLEX only. It was a good choice, and I thank other posters on this message board for the implied advice.

*As other people have mentioned whenever stress started to build I stopped and went out to do some form of movement or exercise, and this helped to ease it.

*Regardless of "mental phase" do at least 5 questions with reading the rationale

*If you are pressed for time look up only the diseases that come up on questions that you are unsure about, and relate that to the organ of origin.

*I always answered questions on the computer before studying content, and usually after studying content. Mainly because the NCLEX is computer based, and it stimulated the thinking mode while being easy to use and access.

*Best tools I used: a toss up between NCSBN and PrepU. Probably would be PrepU if I had purchased it earlier (See Regular study for Pro's and/or Con's)

1) Burnout Phase

- There were several times during the six month period before I took the NCLEX it was difficult to study for one reason or another.

- On these days content for me would have been a waste of time, so instead I took the time to revamp my frame of mind by resting if needed, doing anything else but focus on studying for NCLEX

- However, I made NCLEX a tertiary priority on these days where I would answer anywhere from 5 to 40 questions with rationales

- Great programs for "burnout" and regular study that I used

o NCSBN 8 week course

o NCLEX Mastery app

o PrepU ( would have been great, but purchased this late in my study regimen)

2) Regular study

- Used Saunders 5th edition

o to cover weak areas, mainly OB/GYN and Pediatrics

o CD is good, you can select the specific types of questions including a selection for purely SATA.

o Did not finish the entire book

- ATI comprehensive review

o Received this comprehensive review book after an ATI study session offered at the end of the semester

o Good review book

o Used this book in the later periods as the NCLEX date approached to quickly review content area I was unsure about.

- NCLEX Mastery app

o This was great for my longest period of "burnout". It gave easy access to questions when I had short bursts of motivation.

o Allowed me to have no days where I did not answer at least 5 questions and reading the rationales.

- Exam Cram

o For additional questions

o Bought the quick content review and the questions only version

o They were good, both come with CD's and you can either take two practice tests or answer in study mode

o An update to the CD allowed for the skipping of previously answered questions and/or repeating questions answered wrong.

- NCSBN learning ext.:

o Used this as my main study tool for the 8 week time frame

o Found the questions and quizzes very helpful

o The content portion may be helpful to some, but I mainly just answered the quiz questions and those in the question bank.

o Percentage range: 30% to 90%, mostly 50% to 70%

The 35 page review on this site

  • Went over this periodically, and it was great. Thank you to however made and posted this overview.

- PrepU:

o Also called, NCLEX-RN 10,000

o Purchase this later in my study routine

o Great program, probably the best one out of all the programs I have used

o One issue that comes up on threads reviewing PrepU, is that there is a repeat in some questions, but I find this a minor hindrance as on half the occasion where questions are repeated, are questions I answered wrong.

o This is an adaptive program, which makes it similar to the NCLEX, as you answer more questions correctly the difficulty of the questions increase.

o There is quick access to quizes in weak areas

o the selection of 5,10,20, or 50 questions allows for a test like experience, but also the relatively short quizzes gives an efficient short read to good rationales. As opposed to either having to take a full length test or study mode.

- Miscellaneous:

o Did some form of exercise daily, some days intense others easy

o Did have burnout phases, and frustrating days. On those days I made it a priority to return to a positive mindset

3) Week Before NCLEX

- Two days before NCLEX I started to tapper down on questions and focused on being in an optimal state for the exam.

- Lightened my exercises

- Practiced sleeping two days prior to the exam to see how my body and mind would react and adjust as necessary the following day. (I wrote a reply post on some of things I did two days before the exam in another thread)

- And that's about it...

- Good Luck everyone!


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I have to laugh at practice sleeping cause so totally get it. Congrats! ! :up:


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Congratulations!!!Thank you for posting this. This has been a great read. I really liked how you separated your study periods with the "burnout phase" and "regular study". I'm sure many students have faced the trials and tribulations of studying. Congrats again!


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Thank you lovlies! :)