Passed Nclex on the third try with twins babies


Hi everyone, I just want to encourage those taking Nclex and not passing not to give up. I finish an accelerated program whiles pregnant with twins. My first time taking Nclex I failed with 75 questions,I used uworld and ncsb learning extension. My 2nd time I run out of time and failed, I was so devastated but I was determined not to give up,because it was difficult studying with the twins.This time I used Mary Hogan book and her 5000 questions online,this was my saviour,I read the entire book front and back and wrote everything down to help understand the contents.i also did almost all the questions for two months. This time I decided to take the boards on a Saturday at 8:00am.I passed with 265 questions on the 20 of January 2018.I thank God,am so relieved and excited..if I could do it with 10 months old twins and a 6year old then anyone can do it.Am now a Registered Nurse.


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Congratulations dear, what a hard work! Your post is very encouraging.

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Congrats, how did u set aside time to study?

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I was only able to study for 3 to 4 during the night when my twins are sleeping,and during the day I listen to Hurst video while am with them.i

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Thank you..