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Passed NCLEX

by Ana664 Ana664 (New) New

Dear all,

First of all I would like to thank all on being active in this site, addressing questions , posting answers, advices, experiences, etc. I dont know what would have I done without this site. I used to check this website, posts n stories many many times a day while preparing gor exam. And posts here kept me motivated to not give up.

Well, I passed nclex ( sigh ) first time in 80 questions, 70 minutes. Graduated outside of US 5 years back. Out of nursing field for all those years; got into other courses, jobs ( not even related to health). Never took nclex. Finally decided to take it. When I decided to sit for NCLEX, I had only 10% memory of what I read in nursing school. And on 1 uworld test, scored 28% initially , soo frustrated, But studied total for 3 months; so glad that studying genuinely brought me back all memories of nursing school, wards, skills and procedures.

Reviewed Saunders word by word ( made notes, highlighted imp things) for 1 month. Then for 1 month reviewed those notes and completed Nclex mastery ( 73%) overall. Finished Uworld ( 63% overall), Assessment 1 (69%), Assessment 2 (58%) the third month. Read rationales carefully all the time.

Last 4 days before NCLEX, I relaxed, chilled and did light review of 35 page guide and went over about 200 questions I had marked in


While giving NCLEx, I felt like doing Uworld ( because of screen). I felt like questions were easier and addressed the basic knowlge and skills we need to work safely as a nurse and care for patient. All the resources I used were very very useful. If you stick to these three resources, you will do good. If I can do it, you can do it. Just genuinely commit to preparing.

Good luck all of you. And love to all.

Wao! What an incredible story. I am really moved with your story. Congratulations dear. Your success is amazing. Please tell us what types of questions you got. Did you think the Saunders or UWORLD helped you the most. Please share with us and thanks for posting.

@hopetopassnclex- Thank you :).

Both resources helped me.

Saunders- great for content review, its sufficient. I didnt have questions that werent covered in Saunders.

Uworld- Helped me with critical thinking, choosing right answer, more than content. I wouod say Uworld's content are mostly covered in Saunders too.

Questions- About 35-40 priority questions, 20 SATA, 3 drag and drop, 2 pictures, 1 ECG and a few MCQs that were straight forward.

Hope it helps.

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