Passed NCLEX!!! Start NICU on 23rd!!!

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I am so happy to have boards out of the way. I am a happy lady.

I worked with a nurse that had previously worked in NICU. I borrowed her orientation books (4 very large books) so I could study alittle before I actually started working. I am excited and scared to start working. I have lurked here for quite awhile under my old name, learning different things from you all. Thank you for being here. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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The new NICU RN on the block :D


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Congrats! I am also a fairly new NICU nurse and it certainly is an interesting area! Hope you have a decent orientation and my tip is try to get some really sick ones while you have a preceptor even if it means you watch a fair amount of their care.

Congratulations PreemieRN on passing the boards! I'm a new NICU nurse myself, (just finished my orientation last Friday) ! I totally agree with fergus. Try to get a really sick one with your preceptor if possible. Unfortunately I was not able to, so it will be tough when I finally get one!! Reading ahead is also a good thing. Best of luck!! Linda

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Congratulations! Now the REAL work starts. :D I've just met my 18 month mark as an NICU nurse, and it's been quite an education (they weren't kidding when they said you don't learn anything in nursing school!) but I wouldn't trade my unit for any other in the world. Welcome to the forum, and let us know if you need anything!

Congrats! I'm sure you'll love working in the NICU!

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