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Passed NCLEX second try with 60 questions

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To everyone going to take NCLEX... I wanted to make one of these posts because I always looked for them. So this was my second time taking it! First attempt was back in October & I failed at 126 questions. It was terrible.

But good news-I PASSED SECOND TRY!! I took it on 6/11 and found out the morning of 6/12! In Ohio you get your email with your license the next morning!! But if you fail, you don’t get results for 48 hours. Kinda odd LOL. ANYWAY.

So, my exam shut off at 60 questions in an hour and 10 mins. I had about 15 select all that apply and I did not have one math question. A lot of priority and ABCs definitely know. Also delegation and infant/peds milestones. Vaccines. All that jazz.

I honestly feel like I didn’t know what I was doing the whole entire test, like I kept questioning myself. That’s totally normal! LOL.

Some advice.....

With Kaplan vs UWorld, I definitely think Kaplan is just as hard as the NCLEX. UWorld wasn’t as challenging to me, the rationales are great and all but I feel like Kaplan was definitely better. And realllly prepared me. Plus Kaplan looks way more like the NCLEX so it made me less anxious because it looked familiar to me when I took it (even tho I took it before but honestly I don’t even remember it back in October, such a blur 😂)

I received the email saying I just took the NCLEX right when I turned my phone on. Like five minutes after I took my exam. Did the PVT right away too, and got the good pop up. And just know the PVT is accurate, even with COVID new rules. I got the bad pop up and failed back in October & the good pop up this time and passed. I’ve only ever heard of false bad pop ups, never false good pop ups-so that’s always good news! LOL.

What I used to study(I only studied 4 weeks):

-I am gonna say this about 500 million times, SIMPLE NURSING ON Youtube WAS MY LIFE SAVER. I watched his videos with DKA & HHNS, Hypo & hyperthyroidism, all the medications, heart failure, every single newer one. I watched them like at least 2-3 times so the info stuck in my brain. I would be driving and have the 40 min drive to work and have the video playing from when I left my house to work. Just listening to the audio. PLEASE DONT WATCH IT WHILE DRIVING! 😳 The audio is the most important, you could easily just listen to it while you drive or go for a walk or clean at home or whatever and it’ll implant in your brain. Do it, you won’t regret it.

-Kaplan Kaplan Kaplan. As I mentioned above OMG it was what prepared me question wise. I did not think U world was challenging enough, but everyone has their own opinions!!

I got the 2,100 Qbank with 3 CAT exams. I did a CAT exam every week and a halfISH. First one I got red zone(not good), second & third I got green zone but both I got the max 265 questions. So I was so nervous when they shortened the NCLEX cause I felt like I would’ve had more leeway to pass with more questions. But it was all okay and great in the end! I would do at least one 75 question exam everyday, but mostly I did 2-3. Id wake up at 5am to study for two or three hours before work, and come home to study again. It’s so worth it. I think I had a couple hundred questions left in Qbank. I read every single rationale, even ones I got wrong, and wrote it down. Any meds I got I would write them multiple times cause that was my weak spot. Like Aminophylline I saw a lot as an example. So I filled up 4.5 notebooks of rationales. And at the end of each week I’d read them so the info stuck with me. DO IT. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I feel like I know way more than I did in nursing school. LOL. Also, did I mention simple nursing on Youtube? LOL! 🤣

-Lacharity: Prioritization, delegation, and assignment 3rd edition. I did almost all the questions out of there, and read rationales. Best book ever!! I got it on amazon used, and it was cheaper. Do it.

-Sarah, Registered Nurse RN on Youtube too. I used her a lot for lab values, baby vaccines. I do better hearing things out loud or rereading them multiple times. LOL. Simple nursing on Youtube too. 😉

If anyone has questions or anything, let me know. I’d love to help anyone with studying. I know the feeling of wanting to pass and waiting, it’s horrible. Good luck to everyone who is taking it! 🩺 WOOHOOOO!

link to both Youtube pages:

Simple nursing: https://www.Youtube.com/user/SimpleNursing?app=desktop

Registered Nurse RN:


I recently failed my NCLEX-RN on Monday. I honestly didn't study as much as I should have. I plan to retest mid September and have changed my study habits tremendously. I'm sure I will be successful the second time around 😌 🙂