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Hello fellow nurses and future nurses!

I am not your typical NCLEX RN board passer. I am working 40 hours full time, 8 hrs on Friday and 16 hours on Saturday and Sunday (at least that's how I prefer my schedule) and I have Monday to half Friday to study obviously for board exam. I work as LPN at first and now attempted to challenge and take the NCLEX RN. I also work in Amazon Flex Deliveries sometimes on weekdays that I am off from my regular job.

I have a BSN completed in different country, but our state only allowed me to take LPN at that time, now that I have completed all my requirement for NCLEX RN I studied very hard for it with my busy schedule.

At first I used Saunders as my study guide but like what they said it was kind of outdated and repetitive so I tried to find another alternative and found UWorld! (It's the best thing ever happened to me!). I bought NCLEX-RN QBank with Next Gen (60 days) + Self-assessment Test 1 (2 weeks) and it's really a good investment for reviewing for NCLEX RN trust me! Here is why...

At first, it was so discouraging while answering 75 items each as I score 40's to 50's but as time goes by analyzing questions and rationale I started to earn 60's. How they present the next gen NCLEX questions was really entertaining (at least on my part) because I like case study and critical thinking scenarios as such. Remember do not read questions and answers only but UNDERSTAND the reasons and connections of each rationale, it will help you a lot to strategic for the real board exam! Don't forget to take notes as well. 😃

It took me 5-6 weeks to finished all the questions and retest some of those of I have mistaken. Took Self Assessment Test a week before my real NCLEX and had 70% scoring which tells me I have a higher chance to pass, but that doesn't stop me there, I keep answering questions on my remaining days. 2 days before my board exam I reviewed all my notes instead of answering more questions. Day before my board I did not open any notes or answer any question. I just chill, hydrate with sugar-free Gatorade, play games on my iphone, cook a really good meal (its been awhile since I did by the way because it's the only time I have done it again since studying LOL), went to bed early and pray before I sleep.

My exam was in the afternoon, not my typical time because I am a morning person and I am afraid that I will fall asleep during the exam but hey this is it right? This is the only time that you will be able to shape your future with your own hands! I ate a decent meal before we left, we drove 50 minutes to get to the nearest Pearson View exam center. When I was taking the test I tally the ones that I am not sure of the right answer, pushing myself and my brain so hard for the first 15 items to get it correct. I read between the questions, read the answers and click on the first item that I think was correct, reread the questions again and finalized my answer. For SATA questions, I answer each options like true or false, or yes or no, then move forward to the next until I completed the last option then finalized all my answer thereafter. For the new gen NCLEX, don't be surprised if it's taking your time answering cause it will really take a lot more than 2-3 mins.

I was asked for a break after 55 items, typically it is at 75 items right? Or maybe because I had so much New Gen NCLEX questions, some of them we're even 1 item question only instead of 6 items. I think half of my questions are New Gen NCLEX questions, 1/4 we're select all and apply and 1/4 we're the normal multiple choice. I finally reach item 85 and I told myself if I pass through this one, I have  2 hours left to finish the rest of 150 items overall but I was so shocked because after that 85 items my computer stop! The tally that I made for the items that I was unsure was about 12  tallies.  I have a good feeling about it but I went to church and still pray for the best result.

Next day the Board of Nursing already email me with my License Number and that was one of the best day ever! I had a busy nursing life and all of those sacrifices will be all worth it trust me! If I did able to pass it, so can you too!! Good luck everyone, see you one way or another! 😃 




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So happy for you!

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