Passed NCLEX-RN in 75 questions the first can do it!


I had used this site religiously the past month or so preparing for NCLEX. I promised myself if i passed, I would post on here and share my experience! Well, this past Wednesday I took the exam at 8AM and the computer shut off at 75 questions! Did PVT about 4 hours later and got the good pop-up (which still works in 2017!). The following day my license number was up on the BON and the day after that I got my quick results saying I had PASSED.

I wanted to post on here to share and bring comfort to those who are still prepping. I was by no means an A+ student. I worked very hard but testing was always very difficult for me. I took about 4 weeks after graduation to study. I used Hurst and Kaplan equally and I am so grateful I did!

My hurst scores were:





My Kaplan scores were:

QT1: 52

QT2: 56

QT3: 58

(These first three were taken during our last semester on top of all our other work which is why they are so low)

QT4: 61

QT5: 64

QT6: 70

QT7: 61

Readiness: 69

I also wanted to share these scores as I found it helpful and comforting when other people did!

Do as many questions as you can (I only had about 100 questions left on QBank when I took my test), relax, and TRUST YOURSELF. You can do this! I hope this post helps someone!


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Yay! Be sure to celebrate your hard work :)