passed nclex 125 questions with uworld


Hi everyone!

I just wanted to give my nclex journey experience, since I relied so much on these forum posts for clarification and encouragement!

I graduated with my ASN in December 2014. I studied with kaplan at first.* Finished all the q trainers and the entire question bank. I was averaging high 50's, low 60's. I thought I was ready to take it in march 2015, but i wasn't.

I sat for all 265 questions. That exam had everything - select all that apply, hot spots, ordering, ekgs. It took me over 4 hrs and I felt drained.* I found out 2 days later I failed. And yes I did get my money back from kaplan. My suggestion is that you are not strong in content, use a different study tool. Kaplan is great for strategy but if you don't know the basic content, then the strategy is useless.

After being extremely discouraged, I waited quite a few months before re-testing. But I started using uworld and I was getting fairly decent scores so I decided I would re-register and schedule my exam. I had 5 weeks to study before my exam.

What I did:

First week I did 50 questions a day. Then I decided to advance to 75. If I did well, I would do another 75 question test. My goal was to be above the average for that particular test.

I finished the entire question bank with an overall score of 58% correct.

When I was done, I started doing tests of incorrect questions only and reading over the rationales, both right and wrong so I understood all the content.

My overall practice question exams ranged from 57%-64%*

When I was finished, I started dabbling in nclex mastery... my scores were about the same as uworld.

My opinion about the 2 apps:

These were the only 2 I used to study for 5 weeks. Uworld questions are significantly more difficult than the nclex but it had a ton of prioritization and delegation questions which is what a large portion of nclex is like.

I'd say the questions on nclex resemble more of what nclex mastery is.

About my specific exam - I had 125 questions. There were defintely things I didn't know and things I knew for sure. I could tell when I was getting harder level questions and when they were lower level. Make sure to practice prioritization and infection control! Those were 2 huge topics on my exam. I had a few select all that apply, no ekgs, no put in order or hot spot, very little maternity/pedi and psych. A few med questions but nothing I hadn't heard of. After the test went to the survey, I had a very good feeling I had passed, but still had that self-doubt. 2 days later, my quick results said pass :)

I feel that uworld built the confidence I needed as well as the knowledge I needed to pass nclex. The subscription was absolutely worth the money. Nclex is scary because a lot rides on it. But stay focused and fully read each question carefully and rationalize each answer. I used the head phones to block out noise - it was great to have zero distraction.

I know this was long but I hope it helped someone who's about to take their nclex for the first time or repeat testers... any bit of information helps! Let me know of any questions you may have :)

Emily steadman RN!

Has 14 years experience.

Congratulations RN Emily and thanks for sharing your study tips. I'm currently using UWorld and nclex mastery app. I feel like my confidence level is going up, still scared though, lol.


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Thank you :)

I was nervous too, but just gotta have the confidence that you can answer the questions best to your ability. When do you test? What have your scores been?


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Congratulations of passing! I'm also using uworld and ncsbn for content. I ended up not really using ncsbn because I felt like I was learning more content with uworld. lol. I have taken the nclex already and will be retesting this month. My average score right now is 56% but I will definitely go over the questions I got wrong and do some remediation. Any advice that you can give me? I know there was a lot already from your post but I guess I'm looking for some words of encouragement since I'm testing soon. Congrats again! You did it!