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Passed NCLEX in 67 questions!

Hey all!

I took my exam on 7/1 in CT and found out I passed on 7/3 using quick results. I did do the pearson vue trick and got the good pop up which helped with some of my anxiety but I still needed to see my results!

I was doing 100 questions a day from UWorld and a practice exam on The Point which simulates an NCLEX style exam, for me it would shut off at 60 each time and I found it very helpful!

I didn't find the exam hard but my anxiety definitely came through and made me second guess alot of my answers, I didn't have alot of SATA maybe 10, 1 drag and drop, 2 pictures and the rest multiple choice. 


Good luck to everyone!! You got this, just take a deep breath before you start,❤❤❤

Congratulations! Did you finish all questions on UWorld? I am taking my NCLEX this coming Monday and I am freaking out. I only use UWorld. My scores now are 70-80% in a 75 item. I don't know if this should be good or what. I don't want to confuse myself if I study another source. 

Thank you!! Those are great scores, a UWorld rep told me if your overall score is above 60 you have a high chance of passing. I had about 700 questions left, my over all was 72% and I was in the 97th percentile. Try not to worry about the numbers,  its more understandingthe rationales, in my opinion UWorld over prepares u for the NCLEX. 

Thank you so much! That means a lot coming from you RN! 🙂 

Good luck on Monday,  you will do great!


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