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Passed NCLEX in 180 questions

by cochese1 cochese1 (New) New

I took the NCLEX this past Friday on 10/09/15 at 2 pm. Tried the PVT trick at 4:30am because I was too anxious to sleep. I got the good pop up. I paid the $7.95 on Sunday for the quick results and it showed I passed! I wanted to give back to this site because I appreciated the support I received leading up to this exam. I graduated from nursing school in December 2012 and was diagnosed with a rare cancer in March of 2013, the week I was suppose to take the exam. I have registered for the NCLEX twice over the past 2 years but my ATT expired each time due to surgery and chemotherapy treatments. Finally, got a break from chemo this past April, and swore I would take the exam after the effects of chemo wore off. The computer shut off at 180 questions. I used the NCLEX 10,000 that I purchased on Amazon. I highly recommend Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment. I completed the whole book. This helped me greatly. I also used the 35 page study guide that people have been kind enough to share. That's it. I studied for about 2 hours a day each week for 2 months. Make sure you know your medications (generic names). I had quite a few of those. Prioritization- who would you see first. I had a lot of questions dealing with psych patients as well as infection control. I had 1 math problem, no EKGs, no drag and drop. About 15-20 SATA. I've been through so much these past 2 years. Great to be an RN, even though I still can't use my license because I'm still battling this cancer. Hopefully some day. Good luck everyone:)

Congrats to you:up:, keep the faith and your strong will :nurse: Wishing you well!

Congratulations!!! Hope you are feeling well soon. Well wishes coming your way!!!!:D

Congrats!!!!!! You are a very strong person, things will get better just stay positive!!