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I just want to say HELLO!!! :) I have like many been lurking on this site prior to my exam I would check it Q2hrs everyday lol! I just want to share my NCLEX experience, this discussion forum and how I studied. First I graduated from a Florida College in May. I took a huge break from May to like June. (DO NOT recommend it). My college makes it MANDATORY to take a review class so one of my teachers from school taught one so I enrolled in that. I also enrolled in KAPLAN. I did the Kaplan in class from may to beginning of June. Here are my scores for Kaplan


Nclex Diagnostic-41%












SAMPLE TEST3-87%************

Here's a little background. After the KAPLAN class finished I just ran and did the Q1-Q5. I did almost all the Qbank WITHOUT reading ANY content thus my POOOR scores!!. I was getting very scared and nervous in the middle of June. I still did not open my KAPLAN course book because how could I possibly read the whole book? From June till July 16 I was doing the KAPLAN Qbank and was writing down ALL the rationales. I didn't realize it at the time but it wasn't sticking. So i started googling and decided to invest in HURST also. I watched HURST for a week i REALLY liked it but found NO TIME to re read and re study the packets. One of my friends told me that she watched ALL the KAPLAN content videos and went along with the book and took notes and then read the book again. I thought why not do that because I realized my scores were LOW because i didnt know CONTENT. So I will break down what my study plan was.

1 week in July I watched all the hurst videos (I dont think it helped because I don't think it stuck if I watched it twice and re read the packets it would have)

After that week I felt my WEAKEST area was Mother baby and peds So the next week I read the ENTIRE section in the Saunders book of Mother baby and peds I kept reading and reading and writing. The week after I did some questions from Kaplan. I then watched all the videos of KAPLAN and took notes and then re read the book again the WHOLE book except meds and psychosocial section. that helped ALOT. Thats how my scores on Q6 ad Q7 improved! I also bought NCBSN three week course JUST because I was curious how the questions were formatted. I also bought PDA but I thought that book was WAY toooooo hard thats just me. I also bought the pharmacology illustrated meds book and always read that. i read the study guide that is 34 pages NOT ENDORSED by this website. that is a LIFE SAVER i MEAN IT!!!!! I would have NEVER known how important safety and infection control is because i feel NO review course thoroughly describes it like the mnemonics so im so thankful!. I also bought the DAVIS q and a WASTE of money I just bought it because I heard its higher level questions. That book made me want to cry! I also bought Kaplan Strategies book it was a good book read a little bit of it. I bought EXAM CRAM that's a good book too. I also bought the NCLEX illustrated the ONLY reason i bought that book was because of the EKG section LIFE SAVER if you are confused don't know treatments for sinus bradycardia or sinus tachycardia GET IT or borrow from library I felt thats the ONLY book that shows you specific treatments and how EKG's look. :) As you can tell i bought a LOT of materials but that's because my mom said she will do whatever it takes for me to pass the boards the first time! Call me or think whatever you want but hey i was freaking out!!! So anywhoo after I did qt 7 I felt okay I should be ready for boards. The day before the test I was freaking out. I did NOT study basic information for example i did not study what babies do at certain months (WAY TOO HARD), no immunizations (hurting my brain), no cranial nerves or test not them, no specific areas where pulses are, no insulin peak times or any times! No MEDS! I only studied what kept coming up in my review questions!. I felt theres just too much to know. So I am a HOLY person I pray a lot. I honestly felt if I did not pray and through prayer I would not have passed before anything PRAYER PRAYER PRAYER is important. I kept praying to Saint Jude and Saint Joseph of Cupertino. I gave money to church I lite candles in church I prayed so hard!. I asked for strength and guidance. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.It was PRAYER that got me where I am. As I sat down and saw the first question on the nclex I started getting scared . The NCLEX WAS HARD. I felt no questions I ever practiced with resmebled it. AFter I passed 75 I kept asking for more questions. I want to tell you a little story. I read on here some person wrote that the NCLEX asked them something about Erickson's stage of development and she said she knew she was below the level and lost hope. Around Question 180 I got asked a question about that and my heart stopped and i almost broke down and cried. I sat there for 2 minutes praying to St. Jude and St. Joseph to give me strength and guidance please to help me. My 264th question was a select all that apply and my 265 was a multiple choice. I came out of there crying I did the pop up and got the good pop up i CRIED AND SCREAMED AND THANKED my SAINTS and the Lord Jesus Christ! I told my parents my mom cried on the phone with me it was a miracle! I truly believe that the test is built to help you also. For example I got maybe like 15 select all that apply I had 10 med calcs I had a LOT of pictures and i had many multiple choices. I thought the who do you see first were SO HARD!!!While I took the test I was thinking if I have to take this again how do I study Im so lost Lord please give me the strength I need. And he did. if ANYONE needs any help or guidance ask me on here okay! I told the Lord and My saints I will help those if they can help guide me and they did. Im sorry this is so long!! I also thing a major reason I had 265 was because i ZOOOM through questions. I finished in 1 hr and 45 minutes no break! So yes Don't hesitate to ask me anything. The math is similar to KAPLAN.

First of all congrats..i am finishing my last semester on Sept 11..and wiating for the baord ot approve me to sit for the test...We do Kaplan in our school so doing my review course this weekend...and used the Kaplan bookave the hurst viedoes and some Lacharity book..Exam Cram and Hogan..gonna start my tru NLCEX prep the week after classes are give my self a week break from school..then i will study for like 6 hours a day..i need to pass on my first try..

thanks for the encourgament..and good luck on your job search..


Congratulation.. Thank you for sharing your story.. I really need that inspiration words.. I'm from Florida too.. Yay!!! Thanks a lot..

Congratulation! Thanks for the inspiration and motivation for the future test takers like me...

Congratulations!!! Whoo! I too am a lurker :p Taking my exam this Sept 29. Eeek! Thanks for posting, I love reading people's stories :)

I'm also praying to St. Joseph, St. Rita, and St. Jude and I pray the rosary everyday or two times a day. Before I start my day and before I sleep. Would really appreciate your prayers :) I know prayers are very powerful and with Him, we can succeed. :) You really inspired me today! Thank you!

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