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Hey everyone,

I am so happy atm because I found out this morning that I passed the NCLEX even though my last question was number 265. My main source was UWORLD and i used to do about 150 questions each day; one with tutoring and one without because I wanted to see where i stood. I did do both of the assessments and got high chances of passing on the first one and very high chances of passing on the second one. Even though i was getting good scores on UWORLD, i knew my luck and i knew that i was going to do all 265 questions.

During the test, i got about 30 SATA and i had read that if you get alot of SATA, you are good, you will pass but i was getting mostly multiple choice and put in order. I was trying to stay positive because everyone's test is different. I took a break two times and drank some water and walked around because my eyes and brain were fried!! My last question was a SATA and i was like f***, now is not the time for a SATA because the question 265 determines if you pass or fail (so i've heard) and this SATA was going to screw me over!

When I came home i tried the PVT and it said my account was on hold so I was like i definitely failed. i kept reading other people's blogs and posts and read that many people went all the way to question 265 and still passed and that gave me hope. i kept trying the PVT and eventually after like 4 hours the messaged changed to the good pop (our records indicate..) and i got soo happy. The next day i kept myself really busy so i wouldn't think about my results and the third day in the morning i found out i passed!!

I'm posting this because this website has given me hope and helped with through my mental breakdowns and if there is anyone who is reading this and going through the same thing, don't worry! You will do good. Just pray and be positive. As long as you know your material, you will do pass. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

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