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Passed Nclex ! New pearsonvue


This is for anyone who needs info and reassurance about the new PV page .. Took boards 9/10 logged in took me to credit card page within a few hours after test I thought I failed. Tried to repay again and it would NOT let me for two days. Then got results this am and I passed. People come on here saying it's not accurate don't go by that but really, when you think about it -why would it let you pay for a test you already passed??-it won't and it has let me pay immediately when I failed before. So if all these ppl are trying to pay and not being able to and getting "our records indicate ..." I think it's safe to say its a big fat PASS! Just sayin..

I took my test thursday at 8am and it wont let me pay for my test on pearson vue. it says i already scheduled to take this exam... but on my exam status it shows it isnt delivered yet... did yours do that

Yes -it said results not available until the quick results were this morning. It changed to "status received"

Thank you for your post. I've been really stressing because everyone keeps saying it doesn't work. I got that same thing you got and I'm second guessing it because of other people's post. Good to know someone has something I wanna hear. Lol and California doesn't participate in quick results so I'm still waiting

Okay thank you for clearing up! im getting the same pop up but still way nervous! they are updating the website tomorrow it says and i bet they are gonna try to fix it aggain!