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Passed NCLEX Mom of 2 and Hispanic Student

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Hello guys,

(Apologize in advance for any grammatic errors. My primary language is Spanish)

So I just found out that I passed NCLEX-RN and I am so happy. This was my third time trying and to be honest I think that most of it had to do with the fact that I was very behind on my English and deficiency in content. I graduated in Puerto Rico (which all courses are provided in Spanish) and when I came to the US I was so lost, of course, I understood English mostly and write here and there but there was so much I needed to learn. Anyways back to the content, my preparation in PR was more clinically rather than theory so I knew what to do at the clinical setting but extremely confused with NCLEX format type of questions. Anyway I used the following resources to strengthen my content and that was:

  • NRSNG (I liked the videos and Cheat Sheets a lot) Also tried their simclex .
  • Saunders Book to make sure what I found on the internet was accurate info.
  • LaCharity Delegation and Prioritization (Good book. I finished the whole book)
  • Uworld (Their rationales were extremely helpful since I am a visual learner)

and Kaplan Qbank which helped me practice different format of questions.

That is basically what I used. I did 75 questions a day most of the time but due to the fact that I had my babies (a newborn at the time and a 5-year-old girl) to take care of some days, I had to do 30 or so. But I made sure I reviewed the rationales carefully and watch videos if I thought I was too weak on the subject. Basically spent 4-5 hrs studying with breaks, when my baby napped I hit the books and studied at night as well. It was exhausting Y'all but I did it! and you can too! I am still learning, its a work in progress but I am glad the wait is over and I can finally add RN to my last name. Best wishes to everyone and pass that NCLEX :)

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