Passed CNA Exam


Hi everyone :)

I passed my CNA exam!!! On the first try! I've seen a ton of posts on here about being nervous about the CNA course and exam but honestly, it is a cakewalk. I believe that if you are nervous it will reflect on your performance.


1) Eat well before. I'm not sure how your test site will be but at mine I took the written first, then waited for two groups to go before me on skills. Each person gets 30 minutes to do their skills, it took about an hour and a half for me to be able to do my skills, then took roughly another 45 minutes for me and my partner to do them. After, I waited almost 30 minutes to get my results. If you are hungry it will be a pain to get through this!!!

2) Stay calm. Do whatever stress relief you need to do beforehand and remember that you're making a bigger deal than you need to. You got through the training you needed to pass the test, you got this.

3) Listen to whatever other people missed on their exams and don't do what they did.

4) I did nothing to study beforehand except look through the booklet and take note of automatic fail points beforehand. You do not need to spend weeks studying notes and watching videos.

Of course everyone is different but seriously, it's not rocket science. I hope this helps someone out there! Because every other post I've read about the CNA exam on here stressed me out. Don't read All Nurses before you test, PLEASE.

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Thank you! :)