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Passed my Canadian Psychiatric Nursing Exam


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Woo hoo! Got my exam results letter a week early! I passed. Looks like my cohort has a 100% pass rate.

JustBeachyNurse, RN

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I am currently in a psychiatric program in Canada and was just wondering what the registration exam is like? Was it hard, easy?


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It was not as bad as i thought it would be. Common sense scenarios.

I'm just curious what kind of materials you used to review for the exam?

Hi newrpn,

i have a lot of questions about stenberg's RPN online program and was wondering if you'd be open to answering a few questions for me please

ps-Congradulations on passing the exam

Warm Regards,



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I used a couple of Psyc nclex books and my notes from school.


I know now this is an old post but I was hoping to get your feedback on studying at Stenberg. Did you feel well prepared going into the workforce after graduation? Do you learn to do all basic hands on stuff during clinicals? Any info you can share would be great :)

Hello Newrpn, I'm happy for you for passing your Canadian psychiatric exam. I'm an internationally educated psych nurse who is near completing her bridging program and would like to know what sort of resources I need to prepare for this exam. I will be grateful for any info. Thanks.

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Woo hoo! Got my exam results letter a week early! I passed. Looks like my cohort has a 100% pass rate.

HI newrpn,

Though its been a while you graduated from the Stenberg college RPN program, I want to apply to this program too, so need to do research about this program at Stenberg. I have gone through the previous threads and didn't get 100 % excellent reviews about this college.

As you have attended this program and currently working too, so could you please provide useful and honest feedback about this program at Stenberg in terms of support and help you get, teaching quality , I know the its very expensive ...

Also, please provide some details about the intensity of this program, how many hours one should study to get A grades and how your practicums were ??

I really appreciate your help. Thanks.


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Pls I'm currently at this point. Any suggestions pls?


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Hi there,

I've read your comments about Stenberg College and there were people who ae saying that this is not a good school.  I am planning to take the online LPN Access Course.  Would you be able to shed light more on this program if you have any information?