passed ANCC AGPCNP today!!


I passed the adult gerontology primary care np exam today and I am still on cloud 9!!!.I wanted to share my experience because I have come to this site numerous times and found alot of very useful information. I used Fitzgerald 2014 cds and online review . I listened to the cds religiously and found there to be many similar questions on the test as if Fitzgerald wrote them herself! The online material that came with the cds including the practice test was very comprehensive. I also reviewed Leik's intensive review book and answered some questions in the back of the book. I did not purchase any practice test honestly I didn't have time ( working,preparing to move ,& sell my house etc.)I was a nervous wreck before the test but once I started answering questions I was like I got this! I know each test is random but I had alot of research, patient centered care/ethical, leadership and np role questions which were the trickiest.The clinical questions were pretty straight forward...hopes this helps!!

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Congratulations! Now you can take a few moments for deserve it.


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Yes finally able to do absolutely nothing! A much needed and we'll deserved break! Thanks!!