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I frequented allnurses while preparing for my FNP boards and gained a lot of good advice, so I figured that it is my turn to post. I took the AANP exam two days ago and am finally just starting to relax after 2 years of school and 1.5 months of studying. I feel that the Leik book was most helpful to me while studying. Yes, some of the information is outdated, but the updated information is available on her website. I also recommend doing an in person review if you are able to. I did the Fitzgerald review a week before I took the exam and it really helped to tie all the information together for me. I also took the predictor test through APEA and the AANP practice exam. The other thing that I did was to buy 3 practice tests off of exam edge. While I found this was slightly helpful, I felt the questions were harder than what I saw on the exam. All of this stuff gets pretty pricey, but I needed it to help build my confidence going into the exam. I hope this was helpful and good luck to all you future NP's!

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Planning on doing about the same!


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Congratulations on completing school! I'm sure your hard work paid off! What school did you attend and do you feel school prepared you for the board exam?


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There was a typo in my comment. Did you feel like school prepared you or gave you a good foundation for the board?


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