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I took AANP and passed and took ANCC a week later and also passed!! My NP school sucked really bad and literally taught me nothing, I only learned a lot through practicum and clinical hours.... a little about myself, I have 4 kids, also work full time as RN. Btw as an RN I only do chart reviews, I have never worked on the floor and have been an RN for 4 years. When I graduated I literally only used the LEIK book and I also attended her live review. I took very good notes during her review and made sure to pay attention when she would say “heads up”. I studied on and off about 5 months before actually taking my exam. I would study for 3 week straight then take 1 week off. My last 3 weeks I probably studied 8-12 hours a day depending about 5 days a week (I ended up going part time for work so I would have more time to study). Once I passed AANP, I was not so nervous taking ANCC of course bc I still had the AANP certification, so after AANP I did not study the whole week leading up to my ANCC. The test was very straight forward, I do feel the ANCC questions were a lot trickier. AANP was more straight forward. And the only reason I scheduled 2 exams was bc I was scared I would fail and have to Wait weeks to re-register.