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Pass NCLEX-RN 2015 w 265 questions

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I was inspired to write about my NCLEX experience, I went to this website through out my NCLEX prep time. So here's my journey, I graduated from nursing school in August and I immediately began to study for NCLEX bc I was determined to pass the first the first time. I used Kaplan On Demand $418, ATI Comprehensive NCLEX-RN Review Book and Lacharity Priorization, Delegation, & Assignment Book. I studied for 6wks (mon to fri, 7a-8p w breaks) I'm a single mom with a 2yr old and a 1 yr.old. My school used ATI, so on my ATI Predictor I got a 98% and I graduated with 3.2 gpa. ATI gave me the knowledge but Kaplan taught me how to answer NCLEX questions, no I didn't use the Kaplans Decision Tree, I don't understand it. Kaplan and Lacharity questions are way harder than the actually NCLEX questions. My Kaplan scores are: Diagnostic 56%, Trainer 1: 85%, Trainer 2: 89%, Trainer 3: 83%, Trainer 4: 67%, Trainer 5: 69%, Trainer 6: 59% and Trainer 7: 81%. As, long as your scoring 60% or above that's considered passing, weird, I know. I did the Kaplan QBank and I watched all the Content video, boring. I read my ATI comp book, yes the whole book. I wrote down my rationale and reviewed them and I had the RN Mastery app, it's worth the $30, my overall average was 81%, it has a lot of sata questions w great rationales. I rest the day before my test and reviewed the study guide from here: I can email it to you goddess516@gmail.com. I got to the testing center and I was calm bc I knew I prepared well and everything was in Gods hands. So, the test begins and I past 75 questions, I was thinking ok maybe it will cut off soon, Nope! The computer told me to take a break bc I was there 2 hrs already, I went to the bathroom and I cried and prayed, went back and 2 hrs later still testing, I went for my bathroom break and ate some chocolate and I was ready for the long haul, I completed 265 questions, with 38 sata, and 3 dosage cal. I broke down crying bc I got the last question wrong and rumor is if you get the last question wrong with 265, you failed. It's a myth, I read other post on here where that happened and they passed. I paid $8 on Pearson Vue 48 hrs later and found out I PASSED!!!! I wrote this to encourage someone or just to help guide your studying for NCLEX, I am an RN and I am no lesser than anyone who passed with 75 questions, Stay encouraged and Do what you love.....Nursing!!!!

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