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Pass nclex 2nd time ~ here are my tips

by guest864264 guest864264 (Member)

Well.... I said to myself if I pass the 2nd time, I'll have to pay it forward because it was all thanks to this website. When I failed the first time, I was just devastated and my confidence level dropped significantly. My purpose in writing this post is to give anyone who has failed the NCLEX tips that have helped me passed this NCLEX the 2nd time. If you are reading this post, it means that you too have felt the same way I did when I failed the NCLEX but there is HOPE! I am writing this post because I want people to SUCCEED and get that license in the mail!

1st time taking the NCLEX: Looking back, I think I was just overly confident because I only relied on 1 specific material- namely the HURST to pass the NCLEX, since they advertise that you have a GUARANTEE passing on your first try. HURST was a good source for learning content but I only studied from the book and watched the videos and only thought to myself "this is just enough" ; THIS WAS MY FIRST MISTAKE. On the day of the NCLEX, I remember thinking, "CAT will stop at 75 questions" and of course it kept going and going and my anxiety level kept going up too; THIS WAS MY SECOND MISTAKE (to assume the computer would only give me 75 questions). My THIRD MISTAKE was that I told most of my peers and family the date I took the NCLEX so I felt pressured that I had to pass.

This is what I did differently the 2nd time and PASSED:

  1. Take time to RELAX! YES IT HURTS, YES IT IS PAINFUL, YES IT SUCKS THAT YOU FAILED. That's why you need to take time to recoup and recover. In my case, I took 3 full days and did NOTHING related to NCLEX.
  2. LaCharity book: THIS IS A MUST. If you want to pass the NCLEX, you better get this book. I failed the first time because I was not prepared for all the of prioritization questions. THIS BOOK WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE! I practiced both chapters and case studies. I promise, you will improve your critical thinking with just this book!
  3. NCSBN-Learning Extension. If you think you failed the first time because of lack of practicing critical thinking questions, then I HIGHLY recommend that you get Learning Extension. It has 1300 questions and it is divided into categories. you also have a pretest/post test. What I liked the most was the Summary section for each category. I personally used the 3 week plan and just did questions and read the rationale. YOU WILL FEEL MISERABLE because these aren't easy questions BUT when I took the NCLEX the 2nd time, I thought the NCLEX questions were actually much easier than NCSBN-Learning Extension.
  4. HURST: after failing the first time, I wasn't sure if I wanted to use it but I did and here is why. To get those "application/analysis" questions, you need to stay away from those "recall/understanding" questions. In other words, you need to make sure you know enough content in order to stay away from those "easy" questions. HURST helps you with your content and explains it very clearly. Some people said content is vague but it is straight to the point for what you need to know for the NCLEX. I did the remediation course from HURST the second time and made sure I understood difficult topics such as endocrine, epidural hematoma, esophageal varices, etc.
  5. Internet NCLEX Study Guide: There is an NCLEX study guide circulating around and I'm sure you've seen it. That study guide is a very good ADDON in strengthening your content.
  6. KAPLAN Q-test: I practiced just the first 3 q-tests. I thought the questions were easier than Learning Extension but about the same level as NCLEX.
  7. Be optimistic: You have to train your mind that YOU DESERVE TO PASS! YOU ARE AWESOME! YOU CAN DO IT! Positive thinking goes a long way!

Final thoughts: On the day of the NCLEX, do not assume you'll stop at 75 questions. Anxiety builds up if you have a preconceived notion that "75" is the magic number. The 2nd time, I ended having all 265 questions and still passed. I had lots of SATA, prioritization, and safety precaution. Good Luck everyone!

Congrats on passing so happy for you!JeffRN,2014, BSN, RN I failed first time using only one resource Kaplan too! Now I used my friend Hurst reviewed videos and I studied multiple times the notes!! I also I am doing Priority book I am on chapter 8 I test in 15 days! I am doing Kaplan again I did 75% of qBanks which about 900 questions I averaged 64% and I did Qtrainers 1-5 I have one more Qtrainer left!! I am more relaxed since my weakness was contents and understanding the high level critical thinking! More tips how did you apprach questions on the NCLEX ???

Sounds like you are on the right track :) If you feel like you aren't getting anything from the choices, close your eyes and just take a deep breath. I know it sounds silly but it helped me refocus. Also remember that there may be multiple right answers but you have to pick the ONE that answers that question.