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Part time programs??


I will be starting a PT LPN program in January. It will be two evenings a week, and every other weekend. I chose this route because I have three children and I work FT, so I thought maybe it would give me more study time, kid time, instead of going FT. Am I just kidding myself, or is it maybe a little less stressful going PT?

Thanks, and I am just freaking out a little here. Went to orientation last night, and now I feel like running!! :) :uhoh21:


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You should do fine attending school part time. I know how hard it is to study with children running about!! :chuckle I have two kids and work casual in a nursing home as an aide and do most of my studying at the library or when the kids are in bed. It's hard, but i keep reminding myself of how badly i really want this. So far my grades are great, high B's! I'm still nervous though. Good luck in january!


loriangel14, RN

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I know it is different because I am in Canada but I am in a pt rpn( registered practical nursing) program and I really like it. Like you I am a mom and work 2 jobs as well as being single so I really needed to go this route. Don't worry, it will be ok. I think a lot of us freak out at times. The way they describe stuff it sounds formidable but when you get to it things aren't so bad. There are girls in my class that transfered from taking it full time and they say it is much easier. In my course you are mostly dealing with one subject at a time in stead of several. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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Part time LPN student here. :) I don't have a job to go with it, but up until a couple of weeks ago, I homeschooled my oldest child on top of being a student myself. (We didn't stop because I couldn't handle it.) It is manageable. Time management is the key! Good luck!

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