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Part-time Job: Can you have more than one?

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Anyone has ever done two part-time nursing jobs? Can you please tell me how it went? How did you schedule each job and did your employers know you have another job? I know that you don't get benefits which is fine by me because you get paid more per hour. I'm in my final year and I'm going to start looking for nursing jobs come Jan/Feb 2011. I'm just preparing myself from disappointment if Full-time jobs don't come my way.

I'm slipping another question in here: Has anyone taken both a nursing job and non-nursing job together? I would like to do this someday because I feel that I would need a break from nursing. I love learning about nursing but I think sometimes it's good to just step away and experience something new or different once in a while.

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It's been done. Usually one part time job is held and then you work casual elsewhere filling in shifts around your "real" job.

Back when I graduated, there wasn't a lot of work around, so at one point, I was a "casual" at three different facilities. If you are willing to work most weekends or nights, you can have a lot of work.

The only problem with holding multiple jobs is that it can take a long time to build up the hours necessary to advance in the pay grid (unless they are all with the same employer).

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Yes, I think that you can do this. I would tell my employer that I was doing this, but I have heard of lots of people here in Ontario that have more than one job and not usually by choice.

I sort of understand what you are saying because I am thinking of taking a non nursing job soon as I am having some health challenges right now that will likely preclude shift work and the heavy stress of nursing.

Best of luck to you and remember to always put your health and sanity first.

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