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I was wondering if someone knew any info about JPS. I have heard so many things about Parkland and have applied to there residency programs however have not been called for an interview so I started to look around other places and JPS came up. Would I get the same type of experience and teaching at JPS as Parkland or is Parkland the best as far as ICU experience and teaching. I thought about Baylor but have not heard to many good things about their ICU internships. I have not heard much about JPS except that it is a level 1 Trauma in Forth Worth. I was wondering if JPS was a good hospital since I have not heard much about this place and this could be since I live closer to Dallas than Fort Worth. I know that it would probably take 1 hr to 1.5 hrs to travel to Forthworth so I am just wondering if I should apply to JPS if it is not worth the drive to get Parkland level experience. I just want to have excellent training in the ICU and Parkland seems to be the best from what I have heard but I have not had any opportunities with the ICU residencies and I want to start in ICU.

Can anyone help or know where I can look up more about JPS ICU internships because their website does not go in detail about what to expect in their internships.



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I worked at John Peter Smith in the Emergency Room and the Holding Areas of the ER(through a Travel Nurse Agency) as well as some of the Telemetry floors in the new annex building across Main Street.

Out of 12 years of Nursing, the year I spent at JPS were the most exciting, fun, and rewarding years of my life. The year was a sum total of three assignments. 99% of the Nursing Staff were excellent to work with, and the support staff was always sufficient. The patient make-up is a melting pot of the lower income area of Fort Worth, and acuity is naturally high. I treasure my experiences at JPS. My collegues that travel their also are repeat staffers.

Sorry, I can't compare it to Parkland, but I do know they are a level one trauma center, and JPS struggles to stay a two. You would also notice a high level of DOs:MDs (never bothered me) as University of North Texas Health Science Center is a DO program which helps make John Peter Smith the United States Largest Hospital Training Institution for Family Medicine Providers.

As for the programs offered, I think I may be of some help in the form of a contact, Email me, and I would be more than glad to give you the names of some Nursing Supervisors in the ICU areas that you could speak with to gain more knowledge to make the best decision; but whatever you decide to do, I wish you the greatest luck and blessings!

I worked at JPS for a little over a year. I am now in the ICU residency program at Parkland.

As far as JPS, I will say it may be to your benefit to apply for their internship, thing is I believe it's only offered once a year. I applied after the internship had been offered. JPS typically opens Graduate Nurse positions prior to graduation for Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters. I was offered a night position, but started out on days to orient. It was not a formal orientation. I will say that the scheduling was great, I made my own schedule as long as I covered 3 shifts per wk. I had several different preceptors which had its advantages and disadvantages. As a new nurse I felt I learned a lot solely on the transition from student to nurse. I was kind of just thrown out there so you pretty much are left no choice but to learn and learn quick. I did have an awesome night crew though. Overall, I just knew I was being limited in my experience at JPS which brings me to Parkland..

Although I've only been at Parkland a month, there are vast differences. If you really want to do ICU, this is the place to be. you will learn A LOT.. in the first week alone. The residency so far is great. Educators really know their stuff. Haven't been here very long at all, but I am glad I made the change.

Both hospitals are public and Level 1 trauma, patient population quite similar. They are also both teaching facilities. You work with med students, interns, and residents. Starting pay is about the same, I believe Parkland pays slightly higher (literally a few cents more). The setup of the ICU at JPS is in the newer bldg which is really nice. Parkland is in the process of building the new hospital which will be done in 2014.

Best of luck in your job search!

Sorry, I should have mentioned I worked on a Telemetry floor at JPS.


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I recently applied to JPS for their GN slots for this upcoming September. I am very interested in getting into either the ER or ICU there. I have med/surg experience as a LVN. Any info or connections you could give me would be helpful. I am new to this site so I can't PM, but you can email me at


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I've applied to both recently, but I haven't heard anything back yet. I really want critical care experience and it's been at least a week. I know it's busier in the bigger cities, but if I could get in contact with someone to check on the status of my applications it would be great. Does anyone have any of the recruiter's e-mails? I've called and left voicemails but I feel like they respond better to e-mail. This may seem odd, and I know it's a busy time for the recruiters, and I certainly don't want to badger them constantly, I just want an update. Any advice would be appreciated!