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Just wondering if anyone works or has recently worked at any of these hospitals. I'm graduating in December and hoping to go into an ICU internship. Do/did you like working there? Good experience? Decent pay/benefits? How was the management? Thanks for any insight.


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I have heard that parkland and hermann are very busy hospitals and very difficult to work in...... but just through the grapevine.....


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I trained at Parkland and interviewed there for a position. I loved my time at Parkland!

Yes, they are VERY busy. Yes, you will work REALLY hard. With only one county hospital in the Metroplex, they see more than their fair share of indigent patients. And you will get more than your fair share of "difficult" patients and family through the door. But in most people's opinion, you will get some of the best training around.

As far as pay and benefits. It is fair, but not the best.

If you are interested in Dallas you might want to also consider some of the other Metroplex hospital (Baylor, Methodist, St Paul). Baylor always has ads for GN internships. Baylor downtown is a pretty busy place.

(no info on Houston hospitals)

Good fortune with your new career and move!


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